SprayCare – Sanitizer Spraying Wrist Band

As soon as I saw this gadget, my reaction was ‘shut up and take my money’. How cool it would be to wear a wristband that shoots and sanitizes anything you want? Meet SprayCare, a cool gadget that will make you look like a superhuman. Just like spiderman, you can shoot a poisonous liquid that can eliminate viruses, bacteria, and all the bad guys around you.

SprayCare Band

The device is easy to use. Fill it with some sanitizer or any other liquid you want with the help of a tiny bottle (included in the package), turn it on and touch the sensor/button. Within seconds, you will see the atomizer in action. You can literally see the squirt of liquid near your palm.

SprayCare WristBand Sanitizer spray

You can use this wristband to sanitize your hands, car handles, doors, small products, etc.

SprayCare Wrist Band Sanitizer

SprayCare is battery-powered and can be recharged with a USB C cable. You can get around 20 sprays in one refill and you can refill 5 times until the battery needs to be recharged.

The band is very lightweight. I personally tested the product at CES and it works exactly as advertised. At this price point, I think this gadget is a good buy.


  • Touch sensor
  • One-click disinfection
  • Battery-powered
  • ~20 sprays in one refill
  • Battery lasts for 5 refills
  • USB-C charging

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Editor's QuoteBecoming a spiderman is tough, becoming a sanitizer man is not!
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