Smart Belt Ultimate – An Innovative Belt for Men

One of the most basic accessories a man can get is a good looking belt. I have no issues spending money if I can be sure of extra high quality. I came across a very convincing video of the Smart Belt Ultimate. I decided to dig deeper, and I must say it is one of the must-have accessories for men. This is what I can say about this smart belt for men.

Smart Belt Ultimate Review


  • Certificate of authenticity and serial number
  • Ten color options including black, brown cognac and blue
  • Scratch-proof lacquer layer on the buckle
  • Dyed through leather helps with preventing scratching
  • Six buckle options
  • Maximum waist size 45 inches.

This is their 4th version of Smart Belt series

Harmattan design has been designing smart belts for men for the last five years. It is clear to see that a lot of attention goes to design and finish. There are four innovations that I think are brilliant, including,

  • Step track with 32 micro adjustments instead of the traditional five holes. I like that I don’t need to unbuckle to make the relevant adjustments.
  • Kevlar core for durability – I love this particular feature because I can’t tell you the number of belts I have had to say goodbye to because of wear and tear.
  • DIY Custom Size – makes for a great gift
  • High-quality Vegetable-tanned leather: a preserve of high-end products which is excellent value for money

What I like

  • High quality and durable
  • Excellent value for money
  • Scratch-resistant
  • Fantastic color choices

What I don’t like

While this does not affect me directly, it is a pity that those with a waist size of above 45 inches will not get to enjoy the Smart Belt Ultimate. Also, the belt is slightly expensive.


  • Italian Leather
  • 32 Micro Adjustments
  • Kevlar Core
  • Different Color Combination

Editor's Rating
4.4 / 5 Ratings

Editor's QuoteThis belt is advanced in features but what's so smart in it?
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