SkaterTrainer 2.0 – Skateboard Accessory

SkaterTrainer is a must-have accessory for all skateboard lovers. It helps you to master tricks faster and easier. This rubber accessory prevents your wheels from rolling so that you can practice your most wanted tricks easily.

This gadget is easy to use and does not require any tools to get started. Costing well under $30, Skatetrainer 2 should definitely be on your wishlist if you want to learn Ollie and Kickflip in an easy way.


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Editor's QuoteSo its time to let down fear and start experimenting!!


Help with Ollies, Kickflips, and More

SkaterTrainer is one of those "why doesn't this already exist" inventions because it solves the biggest problem new skaters have always faced....STOP THE WHEELS from rolling while you figure out the steps. Want a better Ollie? Struggling with your Kickflip? Grab your 4-pack of SkaterTrainer 2.0, skateboard, helmet and knee pads and head out the door. Simply pop the trainers around the skateboard wheels, and they will stop the board from slipping while you learn to balance and practice your tricks

Learn Skateboard Tricks Faster and Safer

Skate Trainer Practicing difficult foot movements on a stabilized board improves confidence and speeds up progress. Then, once you've built the muscle memory for executing and landing the trick correctly, you can start increasing movement on the board. When you have it down, just pull the SkaterTrainers off and get the trick rolling. These trainers are perfect for young skaters who want to master tricks faster, or older skaters looking to re-learn old moves, keeping you safe while you learn to skate like a pro.

Universal Skateboard Fit

Recommended wheel size is between 48 mm and 65 mm diameter. Engineered to fit all skateboard wheels, cruiser, penny, old school, and some longboard wheels.

Durable yet Lightweight

The perfect combination of durability and usability and stretch. Less than 3 ounces, yet durable for 1000’s of uses.

Very Easy to Use

Easy to Install and Remove without any tools. Simply stretch over the wheels and just pull off when you are done. SkaterTrainer never slips or needs adjustment during use.

Land Some New Tricks

SkaterTrainer helps people get what they want out of skateboarding….AWESOME SKATE TRICKS. So many people buy a skateboard with tricks in mind but need some help with their confidence so that they can progress. We want to help more people become involved in skateboarding.
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