Shure Aonic 50 ANC Headphones

This is Shure’s first Active Noise Cancelling Headphones, never late than ever! Aonic 50 headset has 50mm audio driver that pleases your ears for sure. It has several modes like Ambient mode, Partial Noise Cancelling, Full Noise Cancelling mode, etc. You can even install software updates (firmware) for this headset. I expect Shure to release multiple updates in the first few months as they will be coming up with new features or optimizations.

These headphones have a battery backup of 20 hours which is the poorest battery backup that you can think of. Even a $35 ANC headset these days provide more battery backup than this. Also, Aonic 50 headphones are not foldable which is definitely a deal-breaker for me.  When a headset is not foldable, it will be bulky and inconvenient to carry. They kinda look bulky and the aesthetics are not good at all.

On the positive sides, the audio quality is phenomenal, so is the noise cancelling part. The headset is super comfortable to wear. This headset is priced in the range of Bose 700.

I personally tested these headphones while I was at CES 2020. So, they are legit!


  • Ambient Mode
  • Tuneable Noise Cancellation
  • 20hrs Battery Life
  • 50mm driver
  • Firmware Upgradable

Editor's Review
4.2 / 5 Ratings

Editor's QuoteThese noise cancelling headphones are good but bulky
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