Segway Dirt eBike X160 Overview


  • Swappable Battery
  • Smart Controls via App
  • Up to 31MPH Speed
  • Mileage - 40 miles
  • Charges in 3 Hours
  • Weighs ~100 lbs

Electric bikes are remarkably popular for epic off-road rides. In recent days, bikes aren’t only for getting from one point to another but are also innovated for the adventurous soul. The New Segway Dirt eBike X160 is a game-changer when it comes to the personal mobility landscape.

Segway Company says that this new model is a lightweight hybrid between a mountain and dirt bike. So, it intends to occupy the space between the two. That’s not all, Segway x160 is compact, easy to master and exciting

For beginners, this workhorse boasts a magnificent top range and speed to eclipse most of the ebikes out there. It transforms how you experience numerous types of terrain through its eco-friendly design and superior performance.

Most importantly, Segway Dirt Ebike will help you push boundaries and extensively go on through rough off-road while it maintains a super sustainable stance. With that in mind, you know you’ll be investing in the best electric dirt bike.

In this review, we will narrow down what makes this Segway motorcycle so special. Let’s get started:

Features of X160

Superior Speed, Power & range (Distance)

For a dirt eBike, ample speed and range are vital. Segway ebike features a speed of 31.1mph. Arguably, this mighty speed is very impressive. As a rider, you’ll enjoy its agility, high-speed stability, and its responsive communication between you and the road.

Power is another essential factor that influences both range (distance) and speed. The model offers around 184.3 ft-lbs maximum torque and accelerates from 0-31 in just and only 4.02 seconds. This is stats show that X160 is among the fastest accelerating bikes among others.

Alongside this, the Panasonic battery powers up this motorcycle up to 40.4 miles of range, very incredible! Still, these batteries are powerful and fully swappable to allow riders to replace their tired battery. This adds experience by doubling their riding time.

Even better, riders can select between two riding modes, EP mode which is the reduced speed or Sports mode which is max. Speed. You’ve got a choice to pick the mode that suits your environment. Such an extraordinary speed, keeps you racking up through rugged trails.

How fast does X160 bike go?

✓  0-31 in 4.02 seconds
  31.1mp/h (that is throttle only)

What is the distance/range?

Under a single charge, the bike can offer 40.4 miles. Riders who adjust to EP mode will experience an increased range. In addition to this, the regenerative brake system converts kinetic into power braking energy – this will increase your range.

Compact Design & Excellent Ergonomics

Fully electric, X160 ebike is compatible with most bike parts. You can easily refit it to suit your desires and style. Having built with a robust, forged aluminum alloy frame, the model is super lightweight.

Segway X160 is the coolest and most futuristic looking dirt bike I’ve seen

Unlike traditional dirt bikes, it only weighs 105.8lbs while it mimics a premium design. You’ll enjoy and appreciate its precise response as you zoom around.

Everyone knows how this material is sturdy to withstand adverse conditions and rough surround as well. The feature adds durability on board. For fearless riders, you can control your movements as you meander around tough terrains more flexibly.

What about comfort? No need to worry. The X160 steers your comfort while your maneuver riding around your site. The bike comes with a handlebar that is covered with silicone rubbers (textured) to allow a comfortable firm grip.

Endless Customization & Highly Adjustable

As noted earlier, the ebike is awesomely compatible with the majority of dirt bike accessories. You can refit it to fit your needs. Riders can rebuild and modify to create an electric bike that is equal to the demands. Uniquely, the seat height as well as the frame’s length is pretty adjustable to match users of different sizes and heights.

Further, riders have an option to choose between black, blue silver, and red colors for their precious ride. One fascinating attribute is Vector Control or Field Oriented controls. They stabilize to users’ riding habits and styles, increasing control and balance.

Quick Swap & Fast-Charge Battery

Segway eBike comes with a quick-swap Panasonic battery. You can exchange it for a fully charged one in seconds. In terms of safety and protection, the battery is waterproof rated (dust-tight) hence protected against wet projections.

Also, known for its durability and safety, the battery can power high-end E-vehicle brands like Tesla. It’s time to do away with those regular non-effective charging methods. After all, this saves time as you make further miles through your journeys

Should riders crash or fall, the battery is well-situated within the aluminum frame to ensure no damage.

How long does the Segway battery take to charge?

Charging the battery isn’t time-consuming. It will take only 4-5 hours to fully charge. For most convectional eBikes, the charging process can be even faster than normal.

Dual Rear Suspension & Ease of use

One thing we like about Segway X160 Dirt Bike is the fact that it’s ‘easy to master’. Want to cross from paved and smooth roads to sandy shores and rocky trails? All is good. The FOC (Field oriented Controls) will adapt and suit your riding habits.

Together with the absolute lightweight, the eBike is exceptionally effortless to control and win. More than that, the impeccable dual-suspension guarantees a smooth ride – absorbs harsh bumps and hits on the road. Of course, an electric thing should be easy when it comes to usability on the track.

Powerful, Versatile Wheels

If you’re yearning to witness an amazing performance, it’s your time. This e-bike features X160 tires (48-cm). These strongest 70/100-17 tires are reliable for tackling different kinds of terrains. The improved handling and control get you moving worry-free.

And because X160 tires are crafted for flexible riding, all the tires are well-equipped with pride-worth shock absorption to enhance a comfortable ride. Thanks to super Shock absorber systems.

Dual-Drive System

The Segway X160 has a double-drive system that bolsters your tires’ torque power to achieve maximum performance. While the Primary Drive System features a 22-inch HTD 8M belt, the Secondary one comes with a 420 chain with 112 sections.  Again, it can protect your chain from falling or dropping out.

Low Maintenance & Eco-Friendly

What makes Segway dirt bike to edge its competitors is that it’s low-maintenance. In comparison to traditional off-road motorcycles that were naturally energy-consuming, X160 is an improved scooter. You don’t require gas to start or charge it up.

Notably, gas-powered transports (fossil fuels) can put up carbon emission resulting in climate change. However, with the Segway model, there will be fewer environmental impacts. Neither way, won’t this diminish its performance since doesn’t need gas to operate.

Does X160 Ebike Connect With A Smartphone Via Bluetooth Or App?

The simple answer is yes. You can pair your Electric Bike with the smart Segway-Ninebot app. With that, the riser can track their riding direction and stats. Choose any of the two riding models available to execute the highest levels. You can find Ninebot app on both Android and iOS.

What Material Is Segway Bike Made From?

The material used is; top-notch aluminum alloy frame. Also, there’s Panasonic battery, shock-absorbing rubber tires, and LED lighting to make riding easier and comfortable at night.

Is It Waterproof?

Some components or parts have proven to be waterproof but at varying levels. The rear regenerative brake, charging port are claimed to be IPX5 water resistance. Finally, the Panasonic batteries come with a waterproof characteristic. With this top-rated bike, you won’t go wrong.

Pros And Cons Of Segway Dirt Ebike X160


  • Lightweight
  • Fully electric (cost-effective)
  • Eco-friendly
  • Extraordinary acceleration
  • Has quick-swap Panasonic battery for longer range
  • Mobile app connection
  • Excellently customizable
  • Waterproof battery grade


Final Verdict

If you are into dirt biking, Segway X160 surely amazes you. It has got an amazing look, lightweight build and more importantly, features like great torque, mileage and battery. Also, getting a fully electric bike like X160 puts you ahead in the game of electric vehicles and since they are eco-friendly, you are contributing to the environment as well. If you are a newbie in dirt biking, you may want to skip this and get a cheaper one. If you’ve had petrol-powered dirt bikes before, going with X160 makes a lot of sense.


  • Swappable Battery
  • Smart Controls via App
  • Up to 31MPH Speed
  • Mileage - 40 miles
  • Charges in 3 Hours
  • Weighs ~100 lbs
Editor's Review
4.4 / 5 Ratings
Editor's QuoteThis is probably the most futuristic dirt bikes I have seen
Editor's Review
4.4 / 5 Ratings
Editor's QuoteThis is probably the most futuristic dirt bikes I have seen