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This cool gadget is exactly what I needed as an alternative for the popular Boogie Board writing pad. Why? Because I wanted to save everything I write to my Smartphone and this is exactly what was missing in Boogie Board. But this RoWrite smart pad allows you to write on it and at the same time, the written contents are synced to your smartphone via Bluetooth.

boogie board alternative

If you want both the digital copy and hard copy, you can insert some pages and write on it. After you fill a page, just flip to a new page and press the next button on the writing pad, as easy as it is. You can watch the video below to know more.


  • Bluetooth Sync
  • Refillable Ballpoint Pen
  • Free RoWrite Companion App
  • Color EnhancingRe
  • Convertible to Text

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Editor's QuoteBluetooth makes this writing pad special


RoWrite - Smart Digital Writing Pad

RoWrite brings the traditional notepad into the digital age by capturing ideas, notes, and drawings simultaneously on regular paper, and internally as digital Pages. Sync to the free RoWrite app to easily organize, edit and share.

I Blank and 1 Lined Notepad Included

Any regular paper can be used, but RoWrite's Notepads are designed specifically to fit on the two guideposts, so the paper will not move. And, RoWrite comes with two A5 notepads (1 lined and 1 blank).


Refillable Ballpoint Pen

RoWrite's Pen uses standard mini or D1 refillable ink and captures 2048 pressure levels thanks to its built-in pressure sensitive circuitry. It delivers a comfortable, smooth, and accurate writing experience.

Every Stroke Accurately Captured

RoWrite utilizes Royole’s advanced flexible sensor technology. Transparent, and highly sensitive, the built-in sensor precisely tracks every stroke's position on paper. And, along with the Pen accurately captures what is written digitally.


Free RoWrite Companion App

RoWrite’s free app lets you edit and enhance your digital Pages. Whether you sync to the app after using RoWrite or pair before writing on paper, you can add digital backgrounds, choose digital writing instruments, erase, change stroke thickness and opacity, and add color. The app can convert handwriting to editable text and let you watch a video of your creation in-app or share with others.


RoWrite App Compatibility:

The Rowrite app can be found on the App Store and Google Play and requires:

  • Internet connection and Bluetooth enabled mobile devices with the following:
  • Smartphones with Android"' 5.0 or later
  • iPhones and iPads with IOS 8 or later

smart tablet board

RoWrite Features:

  • Using a pressure sensitive pen with regular ink, written notes and sketches are created on standard paper, captured digitally, and easily shared.
  • Work anywhere offline and edit and share later, or to edit and enhance your digital Pages in real time, pair a device with the free RoWrite app.
  • With the RoWrite app you can select different writing instruments, stroke thickness, and add over 80 colors. It evens capture a video of every stroke.
  • Written notes are converted to editable text using the Convert to Text feature. Includes an elegant and functional folio, 2 notepads, and ink refill.
  • Using Royole’s advanced flexible sensor technology; RoWrite’s built-in sensor tracks where the pen is on the notepad with pinpoint accuracy.
  • RoWrite makes it easy to add symbols or shapes to notes and pages can be modified until you decide to close them, even after periods of inactivity.
  • Rowrite could be the best alternative to the Boogie Board LCD writing display.

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