Rotofarm – A NASA Inspired Smart Indoor Garden

Rotofarm is a digital indoor garden that is designed from high technology to make it easy for planting vegetables, microgreens, and herbs. The gadget was founded by Toby Farmer,  the founder of Bace. This device was designed to help homeowners who do not have space to plant their fresh herbs and greens in their backyard. Rotofarm has a circular design that allows you to grow plants in a small area. Plants grown in this device tend to grow faster as compared to those planted in the yard because gravity has less effect on them. The effect of gravity is minimal to the pant because the device rotates every hour.

rotofarm features

Main Features of Rotofarm

– Light Settings

The indoor garden kit comes with an app that you use it to adjust light settings. This is because various plants need various light rays and wavelengths. The light is always placed at the center to ensure that it is distributed uniformly to all plants in the garden kit.

– Zero Gravity Technology

As stated earlier, the zero gravity technology helps the plants to grow faster together with the sunlight spectrum lightning. At the base of the Rotofarm are the internal power supply and a low voltage motor, which keeps the device rotate 24/7. Zero gravity technology helps in ensuring proper aeration of the roots and absorption of nutrients since there will be no hindrance from the gravitational force.

– Advantages of The Smart Indoor Garden

  • It is energy-efficient and easy to operate
  • Provides you with healthy greens free from chemicals
  • It is made of quality materials hence durable
  • It is easy to access it and harvest your plants

Rotofarm indoor vegetables

Rotofarm indoor garden is so far the only device that has a circular aesthetically pleasing design and is definitely one of the best indoor garden systems in the world. The mentioned above are just the main features of the invention, but it has more advanced features.



  • Aesthetically Pleasing Design
  • Smart (Connects to your Phone)
  • Utilizes Minimal Water
  • Fully Automated
  • No Soil Technology

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Editor's QuoteThis awesome looking indoor garden is a good home decor too
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