PUMPIT – Handheld & Cordless Tire Inflator

Inflating your vehicle as well as other household items has never been made easier. The PUMPIT tire inflator gets the job done conveniently on the go. It is a compactly designed tire inflator that you can easily carry around. You will definitely love its lightweight design and small size.

This handheld tire inflator does not require powering from a cable connection. It has a built-in battery that will effectively inflate any item. It is an effective and the best cordless tire inflator available in the market. It also gives you the freedom to inflate various items owing to its preset modes and various nozzle adapters.

Highlighted below are fascinating features of this gadget.

Lightweight & Compact

Who loves carrying around bulky gadgets, they are tiring, and inconvenient. This portable inflator pump will not weigh over one pound, which earns it the position of the smallest pump when compared to others in the market.

Easy to Use

Using this gadget is blissful, you just have to attach the applicable nozzle to the hose, then easily attach it to the valve system of the item you are inflating. After everything is in place, you just need to press the power button, select the appropriate inflating mode and you can proceed to pump. It is very easy.

Preset Tire Pressure

This is an incredible feature that ensures that you do not add less or more pressure than what is required. You will preset the pressure reading you want before you get started, then you just hit the power on button and the tire is inflated appropriately.

Xiaomi Portable Tire Inflator

Though this gadget is cool, why I would choose it over Xiaomi’s Portable Pump? Everything is almost the same, even the features. The best part, it is available on Amazon for a much lower price….I would suggest you compare both of them side by side and choose the one suitable for you.


  • Portable & Cordless
  • One Button Operation
  • Digital Display
  • 4 Modes in 1
  • Weighs 500 Grams

Editor's Rating
4.1 / 5 Ratings

Editor's QuoteWhen Xiaomi is offering a similar inflator at a much lower price, why would I go with Pumpit?
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