Pozio Cradle – Privacy Control Device For Smartphones

These days, we have so many smart devices around us. Some of them collect our data with consent while some do without. Have you ever experienced an instance where you see an ad on social media related to something you talked about a few minutes ago? I have personally experienced this with Facebook and I have no idea how they got to know. Maybe by listening to my phone’s microphone? Not sure. But either way, your privacy is at risk. To combat this, you can either put your phone away or use a gadget like Pozio Cradle that uses technology to block your microphone.

Pozio Cradle Listener Blockers

Cradle is a cool accessory for your phone that prevents eavesdropping. It does so by producing audio that blocks your microphone from listening to anything else. So, even if you try to trigger your phone by saying ‘hey siri’ or ‘ok google’, your phone cannot hear them.

Pozio Cradle Block eve dropping

Pozio Cradle is voice-activated. This means you can just ask it to start or stop blocking anytime you want.

Using this device is simple, just plug it into a USB port, put the phone inside the frame and you are good to go. Not just limited to listening blocking. Cradle also has a wireless charging surface that can fast charge your phone.

Pozio Privacy Device

There are two indicators on the top to indicate if blocking is active as well as a charging indicator.

Pozio also sells a similar device for Amazon Echo or Google Home. The irony is, the price of this blocking device is twice that of Amazon Echo itself.


  • Prevents eavesdropping
  • Listening Blocking
  • Fast Wireless Charging
  • Universal compatibility
  • Voice Activated

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4.8 / 5 Ratings

Editor's QuoteThis thing works. A good smartphone accessory to have on your desk.
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