PockeTool 2.0 – A Cool 30 in 1 EDC Tool

When you are outdoors, having an EDC tool is like having a sword in the battlefield. It may help you in emergencies and even save lives in rare cases. There are a ton of EDC gadgets on the internet but choosing the best one for your budget is not easy. Today, we are checking out Pocketool 2.0. As the name suggests, it is their upgraded version of Pocketool which was a hit on the Kickstarter platform.

PocketTool 2.0 is a unique outdoor tool with so many features that allows you to handle most of your outdoor emergency tasks. We shall now look at some of the important features of this gadget.

All in One Design

This compact EDC tool is fitted with most of the tools such as letter opener, cardboard box opener, Philips screwdriver, tag cutter, staple remover, bottle opener, and lottery scratchers. These features make it one of the best multifunctional tools you can use to perform most of your household and outdoor tasks.

Cuts Ropes

You will love the added sharp blade, which allows you to cut ropes and branches using the serrated design at the end of the blade. You can also use it to clip the wire and rope, or twist a thick wire.

PockeTool has an excellent geometric design that allows it to be used on different screw types. We like the inbuilt flat head and Philips screwdriver, which makes working fast and easy. Furthermore, it comes with different hex wrenches that can be used as wrench spanners.

Features a Pulley

PocketTool EDC has a built-in pulley with a maximum of 10kg that allows you to lift and move heavy objects easily. It is made of high-quality 405-grade stainless steel, which makes it scratch-resistant, corrosion-resistant, and dust-resistant. This makes it durable, tough, and reliable.

Lightweight & Compact

This pocket-friendly EDC tool is lightweight and compact, making it easy to carry in your wallet, backpack, or even hang on your jeans and belt loop. It is also great for travelers, backpackers, hikers, bicyclists, and adventurers. We also like the ergonomic design that makes it comfortable to use with your hand.

Editor’s Verdict

Having an EDC pocket tool like this has a huge advantage. I always carry a credit card-sized tool called in my wallet. Although Pocketool 2.0 doesn’t fit in a wallet, you can certainly use it as a keychain. It has got everything you need to survive outdoors. Features like flint and pocket knife are extremely useful and I regret that my EDC tool doesn’t have them.

Also, the company has a track record of delivering quality products to its backers. So you can purchase this product without having to worry about not receiving it. Costing well under $50, this pocket tool looks super worthy.


  • 30 in 1 Design
  • 420 Grade Stainless Steel Build
  • Pully, Flint & Pocket Knife
  • Weighs under 100 grams

Editor's Rating
4.7 / 5 Ratings

Editor's QuoteAn EDC tool with a pulley? This is so cool, I am impressed
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