PlutoX Drone Kit

$329.00 $199.00

This what they said,

Affordable | Easy-To-Code | Modular | Open Source | Unbreakable

This is what we say,

PlutoX is a $200 drone kit that you can crash, hack, tweak and literally do anything you like. If you want to use the drone as a table tennis bat, you can certainly do it using the Open Source API. Code it and you are good to go. One of the other important feature is that its crash proof. You know, drones are most likely to crash somewhere if not taken care, but with this drone, worry not because you can crash it wherever you want.

According to me, one of the biggest advantages of this product is Customizability. You can use it for anything, but everything. Object track, gas leak detection, motion analysis, thermal imaging and what not. Go ahead and have a deep look from the link below.

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