Livall PikaBoost | Budget-Friendly e-bike Conversion Kit

Converting a conventional bike to an e-bike can be expensive and laborious. But not with the Livall PikaBoost Conversion Kit. This e-bike conversion kit is the perfect solution for anyone looking to get an electric bike without breaking the bank.

Design and build quality

The PikaBoost is made with high-quality components for maximum performance and durability. It features a proprietary motor design that offers a smooth, powerful ride in different assistance modes.

And at 3kg with dimensions of 33.8cm x 6.6cm x 13cm, the PikaBoost is one of the lightest and most compact e-bike conversion kits.

What are the key features?

The PikaBoost Conversion Kit includes a 250W motor and 234Wh lithium battery pack. This setup provides enough power for up to 30 miles when using the full electric assistance mode. The top speed when using the full assistance mode is 21 mph.

But that’s not all. The PikaBoost uses a clever design to convert kinetic energy into electrical energy. As such, you can extend your range depending on your riding mode and terrain. And the extra energy won’t go to waste since you can charge your phone and other electronic devices.

The tool-free installation should not fool you that this e-bike conversion kit is not sturdy enough for daily use. On the contrary, it is designed for everyday cycling, thanks to the wear-resistant and anti-slip wheel.

Final Thoughts

This is a good product for people to convert their traditional bike into an electric one without having to spend thousands of dollars.

The lightweight component makes it very helpful, especially if you live in a high-rise apartment.

Livall is a reputable brand. They have different products in the bike industry including smart helmets. They just finished a successful Kickstarter campaign and I assume the product will be available on e-commerce sites in Q2 of 2023. If I were you, I would wait till the media reviews come out before getting it. The main reason is to know the compatibility and power.


  • Range: Up to 18mi/30km
  • Speed: Up to 21mph/35kmh
  • Battery voltage: 3.7v
  • Battery capacity: 234Wh
  • Power: 250W
  • Charging time: 3hrs
  • Size (LxWxH): 13.30x2.59x5.11"/33.8x6.6x13cm
  • Weight: 6.6lb/3kg

Editor's Ratings
4.8 / 5 Ratings

Editor's QuoteWith PikaBoost, you can turn a $50 walmart bike into a $1000 electric bike. That's cool!
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