Pico Max – Indoor Garden System

If you’re finding it hard to keep your plants, succulents, and herbs alive, Pico Max could be the answer you’re looking for. It’s a fully automated indoor planter that allows you to grow a garden anywhere. FYI, Pico Max is the next version of Pico which was a huge hit.

With Pico Max, adequate sunlight and water necessary to grow plants won’t be a problem anymore. The new technology makes sure your plants thrive from the very start, irrespective of the season we are in.

The self-watering features and LED lights make it a standout indoor garden. Let’s take a closer look at why Pico is the best choice than its competition:

LED Lights

Powered by multi-spectrum power-efficient LED lights from OSRAM, Pico provides enough light and energy that your plants need to grow all year round.

No need to carry or move your plant outside in search of sunlight. It’s equipped with a telescoping arm where LEDs are mounted so that you can adjust as your plants grow.

Self-Watering System 

Pico’s self-watering system has seen an improvement over time. It works well with both gravity and capillary action. Meaning the Pico home garden will function even without any power, pump, or motor.

Thankfully, this design makes sure your plants receive sufficient water every time. No guesswork on the amount of water that your plants should use.

Mount system

Unlike other plant-growing systems, Pico comes with multiple mounting options. Most pots will take up much space as you need to place them on flat spaces.

Whether you want to put down your plants on desks, tables, cabinets, yard, or bathroom, Pico is a thing for you. Just have plants anywhere you feel like.

The three interchangeable mounts, including wall mount, magnetic, and Velcro, allow you to hang it on the wall, fridge, glass windows, and wall.

In-built battery (add-on)

We like the in-built battery, 3 USB Type-C ports (1 on the top and 2 on the bottom). In places where there are no outlets, you can connect the cables easily to give it power.

That way, you can showcase its beauty and make it look like a futuristic plant that adds a touch of fun to your house.

Final Verdict

Pico Max could be an amazing gadget for garden enthusiasts. It can also be a good gift under $100. If you are planning to buy one, I would recommend keeping it somewhere you can see it every now and then. I have a hydroponics system in my home and I am so addicted to watching my plants grow. It is so cool. Another plus point is that Pico Max takes care of itself. You just turn it on, put seed and water (occasionally) and you are good to go. If you are going on a vacation, you can just keep it in your friend’s house and it is super easy to carry around too right!

Altifarm, the company behind this product has a good history of fulfilling their products on time. Their previous campaign which is Pico has received a good response from the backers. With so much experience in design and development, I expect the company to deliver Pico Max on time to all the backers. Personally, I would back this product with no trust issues.


  • Multi-Spectrum LED Lights
  • In-built Timer
  • Battery add-on available
  • Self-Watering

Editor's Rating
4.5 / 5 Ratings

Editor's QuoteHaving a little garden on your desk feels great because you can literally see the plants grow day by day
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