Petoi Bittle – A Palm-sized STEM Robot Dog

The Petoi Bittle robot is a palm-sized robot dog developed for fun but also serves as a STEM gadget. It is manufactured by Petoi, a startup company whose main goal is to produce simple, innovative pets.

The Bittle robot dog walks, plays tricks, and rolls around just like a real dog. It has been designed to maneuver on all kinds of terrains. You can teach it new skills and make it memorize various patterns.

Additionally, Bittle can be used for STEM education. It is an ideal gadget for teaching and researching STEM projects. It also makes a good present to surprise a family member or a dear friend. However, the robot dog is not a toy for small children. Parental guidance is recommended when kids are playing with it to avoid injury or damage.

This is the coolest robot toy I’ve seen so far

Developed on an open-source platform, the Petoi Bittle dog is fused with several appliances to make one organic structure. It is customized with an Arduino board, which synchronizes all intuitive and complicated movements. You can attach multiple sensors on it to add perception. You can also input some artificial intelligence abilities into the robot dog by clipping artificial intelligence chips or Raspberry Pi through wired or wireless connections.

Once you’ve ordered the Petoi Bittle Robot, it will arrive as a kit, which you will assemble for the robot dog to come alive. The kit includes the main parts of the structure, a case, several servosystems for controlling the head and legs of the robot, an Arduino NY Board, Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi components as well as a battery that can last up to 60 minutes of intense activity. Also, an infrared remote is included to activate basic movements. Just follow the manual to assemble the kit correctly.


  • Smartphone Controlled
  • Programmable
  • Do It Yourself
  • Open Source
  • Can Carry Up To 450g Cargo

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Editor's QuoteThis is like a miniature version of Boston Dynamics' dog. Shut up and take my money!
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