OTARI – An Interactive Workout Mat with Display

Your workout program has never been better with the help of the OTARI workout mat. This mat is designed with advanced computer-vision algorithms that recognize your body’s movements in three dimensions (I think it uses pose estimation of the body). After recognizing your movements, it then provides real-time tips on how to improve your movements for better results.

Otari mat for workout

Highlighted below are the amazing features that make up the OTARI workout mat.

Smart Camera Arm

This cool workout gadget features a camera arm that stretches into a convenient angle that will capture the best of your movements. This will ensure that you are given the correct feedback regarding your form and what you need to do to better yourself.

otari mat pose estimation

Secure and Private

This device has its own safe storage, which means that every data recorded is always in the device. Such data only leaves the Otari Studio if you decide to share it. This ascertains of its privacy as well as security.

Ability to Live Stream

It is incredible to note that with this workout/yoga mat, you can easily join a live class whereby you easily interact with instructors. It is an amazing experience that seems like you are having a one on one session with an instructor. This is particularly helpful for lazy asses.



In my opinion, OTARI is the peloton of mats

Interactive Display

Unlike traditional mats which will not give you any feedback or information regarding your workout, this incredible invention will greatly improve your workout program. You will have the power to access multiple instructions from instructors and a host of other useful information regarding your workout.

OTARI Workout gadget

With all these amazing features, I think this smart workout mat system is worth a look. If you are finding it hard to maintain your fitness at home, this gadget is what you should be looking for.


  • Smartphone Controlled
  • Wide HD Screen (no touch)
  • Detachable Arm
  • Inbuilt Speakers
  • Camera to Track Your Movements

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4.5 / 5 Ratings

Editor's QuoteThis mat is so useful when you can't hit the gym because it'll push you harder
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