Onlyone O-3: This Cheap Electric Longboard Costs Under $500

As a passionate skateboarder, investing in a solid skateboard could be a wise move. That way, you can enjoy a day in the park, navigate through a college compound, or take a breath-taking adventure at ease. Many people are only familiar with the traditional skateboards. But it is time to switch to something cooler and more convenient. Welcome the world of electric skateboards.

If you are just starting out, the Onlyone O-3 38” Electric Longboard one of them and a perfect choice for both the beginners and experienced players. Powered by motor and battery, 38” Electric Longboard offers an exciting and interesting skating experience. If you want a helpful personal transporter that’s more robust, then this gear is up to the task.

With this skateboard, you can automatically control your movement using a handheld controller. Thanks to this add-on feature. This Off-Road Electric Longboard will get you everywhere you want faster. With it, you don’t have to walk when there is traffic congestion.

With the vast number of skateboards out there, what matters is your choice. In this post, we’ll walk with you through Onlyone O3 board. In the end, you’ll understand the reason behind its popularity. Read on!

Main Features and Benefits

The Onlyone O-3 Skateboard takes home an award as one of the best electric skateboards under 500 bucks. You won’t find any better options on the market in terms of affordability, mile range, speed, stable performance, and user-friendly construction.


90 percent of electric skateboards use rechargeable lithium-ion batteries and Onlyone O-3 isn’t an exception. These types of batteries offer superb lightness. The Onlyone O-3 features two massive battery types. Ideally, its capability to travel different distances highly depends on the battery size.

While purchasing this board, you have an option to choose from two different batteries, a 6 Ah version and an 8 Ah version. With the former, the rider can drive 13 up to 17 miles (approximately 21-28KM), thus an ideal choice for local transportation. On the other hand, a 8Ah battery has enough mileage that allows you to increase the distance by 20 miles. This extended cruising mileage will leave a strong impression on you. If you want to extend boarding adventures or commute frequently, this speed is enough to keep you grinding up.


In terms of speed, this model is second to none. The Onlyone O-3 comes with different speed modes – another plus for riders. It has a slow mode that is pretty suitable for a novice with a reliable speed of 11mph. Professional drivers can pick an intermediate mode, which can accelerate to 18mph. Finally, the professional players can do better with the fast mode with a speed of 24mph.

On the street, you can rely on acceleration backed by delayed speed to enjoy better results. With a top speed of 24 miles per hour, this electric skateboard suits all those players who are planning a ride off the beaten track. Simply, it’s a great way to beat long-range travel.


For over 3 months through an intensive system of rating metrics, it’s evident that the Onlyone o-3 is the best cheap electric skateboard. It’s affordable, yet reliable. Apart from giving you the best life of this game, this model will save you money.

At under $500, finding another better skateboard than this comes in pain. Plus, its smart features including, stability to ride, excellent performance, and versatility – the Onlyone O-3 is a sure bet. Why would you shy off to grabbing this gear considering its favorable price? It’s up to you!

Remote control

The Onlyone O-3 Longboard is impressively overhauled with intelligent remote control. You can manipulate or control your movement to make your skating game more fun. You’ll have absolutely no problem. Again, you can handle your gear in your hand with the help of remote control.

Longboard remote control

Through the remote, the rider can easily acquire information on its battery levels and real-time speed. In addition to this, it tracks the errors of the skateboard. Remember to turn off the remote when you come down the skateboard to avoid accidents and injuries.

A newbie or the school going kids can use this longboard to roam around the school compound or town without having to worry about the remote system. It’s packed with a user’s manual to guide you on how to use the remote technology.

Waterproof Grade

Another fascinating feature about the Onlyone O-3 is the finest waterproof function. Indeed, this is a great advantage. Because it’s waterproof, the device can only tolerate little rain as well as small paddles. However, the water-resistance of this board will reduce over time.

What we like

First off, the Onlyone O-3 is the cheapest electric longboard to ever find in the market for its features and quality. Most people would want to purchase an electric skateboard that does not only offer stable performance but also something affordable. And with this model, you’ve already got it.

Significantly, it’s suitable for young people and adults who want to improve and boost their riding skills. Because of its response to remote, your movements hassle-free as you accelerate down or climb up a steep hillside.

What we don’t like

Despite it having a waterproof function, it’s advisable to avoid icy and wet roads. Riding on such surfaces is dangerous and can cause a loss of control and traction.


  • Nice response to remote
  • Affordable electric skateboard option
  • Has remarkable flexibility
  • Excellent speed
  • Offers a smooth ride
  • Sturdy, flexible, top quality board


  • Can cause injuries on icy roads

Final Thoughts

While choosing the best electric skateboard, it’s recommendable to look out for important features like speed, flexibility, battery, riding modes among others. But you don’t have to break the bank to get a high-performing board. The Onlyone O-3 longboard is the best and cheaper option for you. After all, your choice decides how you fancy riding afterward. Watch the in-depth review video of O3 by Scott Davies below to better understand the product.


  • Up to 24 MPH (38 km/h) Speed
  • Cruising Range of up to 20 Miles
  • 288W 8 AH Battery
  • Maximum Load 330 lbs (150 kg)
  • 2 Motors of 250W each
  • 500W Total Power
  • Remote Controller Included

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Editor's QuoteAt this price, this is the most affordable feature packed longboard you can get
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