Ohsnap Phone Grip – A Cool Magnetic Phone Holder

Despite the modern cases, dangly straps, and attempts, smartphones tend to become more difficult to hold when using them. Also, since they keep increasing in price, it is a good idea to keep a solid grip on your smartphones. However, you have to do this with a lot of care to avoid compromising their ergonomics and styling. Fortunately, you have Ohsnap to your rescue. With its low-profile styling and multitude of features, it may be the best phone grip currently on the market.

ohsnap grip review

Some of the top features include,

Safe Grip

With this phone grip, you do not have to fumble with the phone. Ideally, modern phones are designed to do a lot of incredible things. You have a right to use your phone the way you want without compromising its functionality.
Also, you have the freedom to grip, rotate, and slide. In fact, you can hold the phone at any given angle. You can slide to get to every inch of the screen. You can rotate your phone 360 degrees to use the smartphone the way you want.

Mount Anywhere

The grip has a neodymium magnet that allows you to stick to the phone, gym equipment, fridge, and magnetic phone mount.

Easy to Use

The grip transforms into the kickstand with a single press. You have the freedom to watch the favorite shows without having to find an object to prop the phone with.


This grip band is coated with high-quality, soft rubber that feels secure and comfortable.


The Ohsnap Phone Grip is only 2.7mm thick. Also, it has smooth edges that cannot be caught in the pockets. Also, you can use a wireless charger.

ohsnap phone grip



  • Magnetic
  • Ultra-Thin
  • Pocket Friendly
  • Compatible with Wireless Charging

Editor's Review
4.5 / 5 Ratings

Editor's QuoteThis holder looks so thin
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