SyncPen 2 – NEWYES 2nd Generation Smart Pen

The NEWYES SyncPen 2 is a next-generation smartpen that allows you to capture your ideas and thoughts digitally. This is made possible by SyncPen 2 that can store anything and everything you write on paper or on any surface! Moreover, this pen’s capabilities are further enhanced by a hidden micro-camera that works together with the designated 10” LCD pad or the NEWYES Notebook.

syncpen 2 smart pen review

Besides that, this smart pen also features an in-built Bluetooth 5.0, which you can use together with the NEWYES Note app for both Android and iOS.

Key Features

Digital Copy

This is the most important feature of SyncPen 2. Unlike a traditional pen, this smart pen stores everything that you write on paper. It then syncs the content to its mobile app or cloud storage that lets you access the files at a later point. This is like having a personal scanner but you don’t really need to scan any document, SyncPen 2 does it in a smart way. Moreover, SyncPen 2 stores the writings even if it is not connected to a smartphone. I guess it makes use of its internal storage.

Apart from this, you can edit the saved writings on your smartphone app, share it with others and even print the document if required. If you lose your diary or notebook, no problem, SyncPen will have a cloud backup!

360 Degrees Pen Holding

The SyncPen 2 allows a 360 degrees full angle holding writing. This offers users more convenience regardless of how you like holding your pen. No matter how you are writing, SyncPen got you covered.


The SyncPen 2 also comes with an LCD pad for the purpose of going paperless. This improves performance and productivity without using any single sheet of paper. The LCD pad allows you to send emails or create your own colorful notes. By tapping the ‘play’ and ‘pause’ icons on the LCD pad, you can add voice memos to your notes.

Handwriting Recognition

The NEWYES Note app features an industry-leading handwriting recognition technology, meaning your handwritten notes can become edible text. This technology recognizes up to 66 languages, and can also recognize math formulas and chemistry equations.

Watch the following video to see SyncPen in action

Final Verdict

This gadget is for anyone who likes noting down their ideas, thoughts, and important notes, among other things. If you prefer having a digital copy of whatever you write in your notebook, SyncPen 2 can save a lot of time. It not only offers cloud storage but also easy access to your notes whenever you want. I think this pen is particularly useful for students who take a lot of notes in school. Costing well under $200, the pen can be a good gift too.

If you prefer watching a video review, watch OSReviews’ SyncPen 2 review video below. He has explained everything in detail.


  • Converts Writing to Digital Format
  • Offline and Cloud Storage Options
  • Audio Recording
  • Handwriting Recognition
  • USB charging

Editor's Review
4.6 / 5 Ratings

Editor's QuoteI wish I had a pen like this when I was in school
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