Neabot NoMo Hands-free Automatic Robot Vacuum

Meet, Neabot NoMo, a powerful robot vacuum that features an innovative self-emptying dustbin system. It can empty its dustbin and automatically resumes the cleaning task without needing any help from humans. That’s impressive!

Forget touching the mess for up to 4 weeks with Neabot’s self-emptying dustbin. In recent times, the demand for robot vacuums has drastically been looming each day. And folks at Neabot have performed well with this neat thing.

Well, this self-emptying vacuum makes you get the peace of mind you deserve. You won’t manually empty the accumulated dirt, and it has good navigation systems.

Self Disposing Vacuum robot

Let’s get down to Neabot NoMo review. Shall we?

Some of the great features of the Neabot are:

Automated Dirt Disposal & Collection

With this gadget, you don’t have to worry about vacuuming for extended periods of up to a month. This is because it will effectively empty any dirt it collects into a dustbin automatically without your intervention.

Set it and forget it! Just like high-end vacuums, NoMo will transfer dirt and dust at home canister to enhance easy removal. The canister or auto sealed bag lined dustbin holds the dirt for easy disposal for 4 weeks without the cloud of dust.

Automatic Disposing robot vacuum Neabot

So, forget about daily cleaning tasks, and attend to other things without any worry. Schedule your cleanings, relax and let this gadget do the rest.

Impressively, Neabot will map your entire floor on a single charge. You just need to close off your bathroom or laundry room. When it gets the job done, it automatically returns to the base station and recharges itself.

Deeper Cleaning, Multi-Level Vacuuming Modes

With its 3 power levels, this Neabot automatic vacuum will be able to easily tackle deep cleaning tasks as well as other regular tasks. The levels of suction power include strong, regular and small modes. Neabot eliminates any mess, whether deeper and regular cleaning.

Both the Small 700 Pa and regular 1200Pa can handle the regular particles on the floor at ease, while the strong 2700Pa mode is perfect for heavy dirt such as nutshells and peanuts.

Neabot features

Featuring smart carpet identification, the gadget can easily recognize carpet flooring, boosting the suction for extracting dust, debris and pet hair from carpet fibers.

That way, you’ll be assured of always having your carpet clean, as it will effectively deal with any kind of mess on the floor. Open even your carpeted bedroom and enjoy it will pick up the dust.

Neabot will stand up to your older mainstream gadget as it systematically cleans the area in nice straight lines. Some users claim that it makes the carpet look lame and appealing.

Strong Suction

You will easily carry out heavy cleaning with its incredibly powerful suction power. With 2700Pa, you will be able to get rid of all manner of dirt on your floor. Again, you’ll not have to worry about messy tasks, whereby dirt is left behind.

The roller brush and two side brushes ensure that the dirt is loose, before extracting it and vacuuming until your floor is sparkling clean.

If you want to up your housekeeping game, Neabot is entirely easy to use and setup. The fact that you can be able to send this gadget to specific locations is amazing. It can reach the low places where you can’t vacuum by yourself.

Besides, you do not need to babysit it because the device is independent. Even in cluttered areas, the gadget will suffice.

Complete Cleaning Control

Even better, this gadget is smart-home compatible. Thanks to the Neabot Home App that is amicably promising. You customize the cleaning strategy, adjust cleaning settings and monitor the cleaning status anywhere.

It’s simple. All that you need to do is to define the area using your phone App and set the schedule. It will clean the busy areas of your room while you sleep.

Its compatibility with both Alexa and Google Assistant allows you to use your voice for hand-free control. You can be sure that this robot vacuum will protect valuable while cleaning due to the anti-collision sensors.

Obstacle Crossing Ability

Neabot can smartly cross obstacles of up to 2cm high like doorsills going through your home without any distraction or hindrance. This ensures full coverage cleaning.

The Lidar Navigation Technologies and SLAM Simultaneous Localization and Mapping) makes this robot astounding than ever. It won’t get trapped by obstacles or furniture because of its effective z-shaped vacuuming pattern.

Wall and Smart sensors, on the other hand, allows the unit to follow around objects and along walls without your intervention.

Misc Features

Use the integrated button to direct the gadget to clean a certain and exact spot. It will give a superior clean.

Equipped with a powerful battery capacity of 5200Ah, this robot cleans up to 3 ½ hours per single charge and will cover a space of around 200m2. Meaning that it can clean your localized area awesomely.

Vitally important, Neabot reassures not only after-sale services but also a 1-year warranty. This shows how the manufacturer is confident with the quality of their products.

To wrap up, robotic vacuums are increasing in popularity due to the convenience they offer. With a fully automatic home vacuum like this, you never have to worry about cleaning your house. You can find more information about the product here. If you are in a situation to buy a robot vacuum, Neabot is worth checking out.

Product Features and Specs
Battery capacity 5200Ah
Run time 120 min
Suction power 700Pa/1200Pa/2700Pa
Voice Control Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant
Climbing height 2cm/0.78ch


  • Self-Emptying Dustbin
  • Smartphone App Control
  • Self Charging
  • 2700 Pa Suction Power
  • Multiple Cleaning Modes

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