NatureDry – Eco Friendly Merino Wool Jacket

As we become more environmentally aware, innovations are continuously being made with the aim of plastic-free sustainability in the world. Over recent years, the clothing industry has significantly made efforts in consideration of this through biodegradable fabrics alternatives. The NatureDry merino wool jacket is one such commitment for all-natural apparel.

NatureDry Review

This ecofriendly jacket is a cut above the rest at every stage of its manufacture. It is made from 100% ultra-fine merino wool yarn that is first stretched then woven creating tension buildup. Upon completion, the weave is released, and so is the tension, creating a water-repelling coat. This feature makes it an all-weather performance jacket against rain, wind, or shine, without the need for a plastic or chemical finish.

NatureDry jacket comes in two styles, the outdoor and the urban, both of which come in black, charcoal, or grey.  The merino wool outdoor jacket is designed with an adjustable hood and impressive durability to support the rigors of your rugged active life. If you are more about travel and city living, the urban merino jacket is the most ideal.

Merino wool is a biodegradable fabric; hence upon disposal, it disappears from the environment in less than a year. As a result, there is less plastic in our environment, improving sustainability.

This type of wool is lightweight and soft; consequently, it has a smoothing and soothing feel on your skin. The merino wool is made up of innately porous fibers that are adaptable to the weather changes hence regulating your body temperature.

This product was originally crowdfunded on Kickstarter


  • 100% Merino Wool Material
  • All-Weather Compatible
  • Eco Friendly
  • Water Shedding
  • Wind Proof
  • Machine Washable
Editor's Review
4.6 / 5 Ratings
Editor's QuoteI can't resist it, I need this jacket right now
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