Nanobag 4.0 – Ultralight Reusable Shopping Bags

Shop in style with this carry-everywhere, reusable bag, Nanobag 4.0. This is the fourth version of Nanobag series from TipTop Things Ltd. It is constructed with a soft diamond ripstop polymer fabric, allowing the bag to fold easily and neatly into a small pouch without tearing. The fabric also has an additional nano-coating, making the bag water-resistant. The bag’s weight ranges from 15 grams to 28 grams and measures 0.05mm in thickness; it’s so light in weight and ultrathin that you won’t even notice carrying it.

This compact shopping bag comes in four different sizes ranging from 12 liters to 25 liters. The bag is also in six different styles, including sling and backpack designs and fifteen fun colors, so you have a wide variety to choose from.

Each Nanobag 4.0 is wide and deep enough to fit items that weigh up to 66lbs. The large padded handles make the bag super comfortable to hold and easy to carry over-the-shoulder even when loaded with heavy items.

Tiptop Things is devoted to producing environmentally friendly products that positively impact the planet. Unlike the single-use paper and plastic bags, the Nanobag 4.0 is made with environmentally conscious materials. This helps reduce pollution. Additionally, with every Nanobag 4.0 bag purchased, one mangrove tree will be planted.

Who should buy this?

For those who love functional and minimalist designs, this reusable shopping bag is designed just for you. It is so convenient; just toss it into your purse, wallet, or pocket, and you will never have to worry about not having enough bags while checking out at the grocery store or when going to the beach, the library, the gym, or even when traveling. It is the perfect smallest shopping bag for everyday needs.


  • Diamond Ripstop Fabric
  • Aesthetic
  • Water Resistant
  • Carries 66lbs (30kgs)
  • Fits in Your Pocket
  • Weighs Under 30 grams

Editor's Review
4.8 / 5 Ratings

Editor's QuoteLet alone your pocket, this bag can even fit in your wallet
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