Muro Box – Smart, App Controlled Music Box

It is incredible how just one music box can play many of your preferred songs. Well, this is true of this new invention of an app-controlled music box which makes all your musical dreams come true. You will no longer have to suffer the limitations of the traditional music box which could not accommodate such songs. You will, however, get the same classic sound generation out of a mechanical movement. The Muro box is in a class of its own.

Smart music box

Through the amazing smart app control features on this device, you can easily upload music compositions to a cloud library. It is also possible to share your compositions with music box lovers all over the globe. You will also be able to store and be able to play your songs on our app at any time.

Below are the Incredible Features of Muro Box music box:

Smart Alarm

Interestingly, you can be able to set a particular time when your favorite music will automatically play, adding color to your day.

Music Box Alarm

Interactive App

The app provided for this smart music box will allow you to do incredible activities. You will be able to compose interesting songs by some taps, upload and listen to music, and interact with other composers.

Large Music Library

You will have an endless space where you can store your favorite tunes and listen to them anytime you wish. This mechanical music box will also give you top-notch sound quality which is classical of music boxes.

Music Box Alarm

To conclude, Muro Box is definitely one of the coolest pieces of tech you can own. If you already love a traditional music box, you are more likely to enjoy Muro Box.

This product was originally crowdfunded on Indiegogo


  • App Control
  • Music Alarm
  • Easy to Carry
  • Music Composition on the go

Editor's Rating
4.6 / 5 Ratings

Editor's QuoteMuro Box resolved one of the biggest issues with a traditional music box by letting you customize the audio
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