Moen Smart Shower Digital Controller

Moen has been producing some of the most helpful smart home products for a while now and I recently got a chance to check out their latest smart shower. Unlike a traditional shower, this one connects to WiFi and can be operated in different ways.

Moen Smart Shower Control


There are three methods of shower control but the most useful one would be through voice assistants like Google/Alexa. The Smart Shower also has temperature control. Meaning, you can ask the shower to set the water temperature to 100°F and in seconds, Moen shower automatically adjusts the temperature.

The shower is customizable based on your personal preference. All of this can be done through Moen app.


  • Voice, Phone, and Controller
  • Remote Start, Stop and Pause
  • Temperature Control
  • Customizable Personalization

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4.7 / 5 Ratings

Editor's QuoteIf you want your home to be fully smart, you'll definitely need a bathroom gadget like this one
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