Mobile by Peak Design: Accessories That Make Your Phone Better

Our phones are, without a doubt, some of the most important gadgets in our lives. Even with the ever-rising need to use our phones almost everywhere, there is one thing that never seems to be addressed correctly – effective handling of these slippery pieces of technology. That’s why Peak Design came up with Mobile.

What’s Mobile by Peak Design?

Mobile is Peak Design’s solution to the challenges of phone handling. It is an ecosystem of mounts, accessories, cases, and chargers that are built with the intention of making it easier for you to integrate your phone with your life. These accessories are designed to be compatible with Apple’s MagSafe system and come in handy when using your phone in your car, bike, motorbike, wall, and more. Here’s a closer look at the different features of the Mobile ecosystem by Peak Design:

Peak Design Case

This is a significantly thin case (2.4mm thin), featuring a SlimLink Mounting System that makes it easy to keep your phone securely in place even with rough use. The case is wireless charging compatible and is made of high-performance fabric for better protection of your phone and durability. The case also offers full-surround protection for your phone, making it easy to withstand drops and other kinds of impacts.

The SlimLink mounting system comes with two locking mechanisms: a soft lock and a hard lock. The soft lock is born from a MagSafe-compatible magnetic array that is added to the Mobile ecosystem mounts and cases. There is a strong hard lock that comes in handy for more demanding uses. The hard lock system features a zirconia ceramic insert in combination with mechanical claws for a firm attachment.

Universal adapter

If you want to keep your current case but use Peak Design’s mounts and accessories, you can get the Universal Adapter from Peak Design. The adapter is considerably thin at just 2.5mm and is made of weatherproof nylon canvas. It uses adhesive to attach to any flat-surface non-leather or silicone case and is strong enough to keep your phone in place even in the most demanding of uses.

Universal adapter attachment

Mobile tripod

This is an unbelievably thin and highly versatile tripod, made of anodized aluminum. It deploys with ease into a stand for everyday use or a stable platform for content creation. You can also use this tripod as a kickstand or a grip when taking photos or videos. This tripod has a fully articulating ball head that comes in handy when using the tripod in both landscape and portrait modes. When not in use, you can easily stow away the tripod on your phone.

Kickstand wallet

This is a slim minimalist wallet made of durable nylon canvas. It makes it easier to carry your cards with you and can carry up to 7 cards. The wallet, which is MagSafe compatible, has a friction hinge that easily converts your wallet to a phone stand. It features a magnetic closure system with instant card access.

Car mount

Without the need for clips or harnesses, this is an easy-to-use car mount that only needs a one-handed connection to secure your phone in place. The mount is made from anodized aluminum and is available in charging and non-charging versions.

Out-front bike mount

This is a rigid-design mount that can work by itself or in combination with the other gear that you use on your bike. It is made of weatherproof anodized aluminum and also features a hard-locking feature. It’s compatible with bike computers and is optimized for rough use with performance bicycles. If you like to capture your rides, a simple flip-up will get your phone in the right position.

Universal bike mount

Able to attach to different types of bars and stems, this is a quick-connecting bike mount that can be used with bikes, golf carts, strollers, or any other utilities with bars on them. It features an automatic locking action that is ultra-secure nit forgetting the quick-release buttons. The hard-locking feature of this mount requires an adapter or PD case to work effectively.

Motorcycle bar mount

Quite similar to the bicycle mount, this is a rigid mount that can attach securely to different kinds and sizes of handlebars. It’s a mount made of anodized aluminum and can be rotated and locked into 24 different positions, allowing for versatility.

Motorcycle stem mount

Featuring a sleek design and made of anodized aluminum, this perfect stem mount can be used on any type of motorcycle or sport bike to ensure that your phone is safe and secure. It has two pivot points allowing for different positions hence increasing the overall versatility of this mount.

Wall mount

Since mounts don’t come in handy only when you are on the go Peak Design also made a wall mount for use when you are at home. You can attach the mount to a flat magnetic surface or use 3M VHB to attach it to any other solid flat surface. It’s available as a 2-pack and comes in two colors: Charcoal or Bone. Don’t forget that the elegant and minimalist design wall mount is compatible with Apple’s MagSafe system.

Wireless charging stand

If you need to use your phone while it’s charging, which most of us do, this wireless charging stand will come in handy. It features an adjustable viewing angle and can also be folded into a flat position for bedside charging and increased portability.

Mobile creator kit

If you are a content creation enthusiast, you will be fascinated by this kit that connects your phone to four different mounting/connection systems. You can use this kit with any tripod, video or vlogging ring, capture camera clip, and GoPro mounts. The usability of this kit takes content creation to the next level.

Bottom Line

The Mobile ecosystem from Peak Design brings great convenience to how you use and handle your phone. Having started making camera accessories a decade ago, you can be sure that you are getting quality items. This is made sure by Peak Design’s system of giving each of their accessories a serial number and guaranteeing them for life. The durability and practicability of the Mobile ecosystem accessories from Peak Design are unquestionable.


  • Superior Build Quality
  • Only Supports Select iPhone and Samsung Phones
  • Guaranteed for Life

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