Micro Drone 4.0 – An Intelligent $200 Drone

Dones are so popular that everyone needs one today but not everyone could afford one because a good quality drone is not cheap while the cheaper ones are junk (except for the ones like Trello). Thankfully, a drone manufacturing company called Extreme Fliers has come up with a solution. They have created a micro drone that costs well under $200. The amount of features that are embedded in this 120g drone leaves everyone in awe.

This palm-sized micro drone has a 12 min battery life which is not bad. The camera captures 1080p videos with a 110° field of view.

So will it be a game-changer? I think so, only if it makes it to the market.  I am saying this because many crowdfunding campaigns go nowhere while some take years to deliver. Most of the critics are saying that this drone company has failed to deliver the product to its backers. At this time, Microdrone version 4 is not available anywhere to purchase. If you are looking for a similar one, go with Ruko F11. It lies in a similar price range and has rave reviews.


  • Autonomous Modes
  • 1080p Full HD Recording
  • 2 Axis Gimbal Stabilizer
  • Weighs Under 125g

4.4 / 5 Ratings

Editor's QuoteAll these features for less than $200? Seems tough


Micro Drone 4.0

by Extreme Fliers

[As Provided By Manufacturer]

You spoke, and we've been listening.
Below are the top three requirements you requested and we used to finally create a drone for the mainstream user:

Automatic Self-Hovering

To eliminate the steep manual piloting learning curve associated with most drones and make it as easy to fly as use an iPhone, we've integrated automatic self-hovering upon release of controls which is the fundamental requirement to enable advanced autonomous flight capabilities.

Smooth High-Quality Video

To eliminate customer disappointment from shaky footage captured when buying non-stabilized fixed camera drones, we hand-selected and engineered our hardware to inexpensively create a complementing flight and optics tech package that's more powerful together.

Affordable Price Point

To eliminate the sticker shock complaints of purchasing expensive drones geared towards videographer professionals, we've fine-tuned the specifications and optimized them to everyday consumer uses which allowed tremendous cost reductions by designing to your technology needs.
  • Smooth Autonomous Flight — Onboard flight technology that is now proven and matured over the years works beautifully together to enable smooth flight with easy piloting controls.
  • High-Quality Smooth Video — Optical technology blends seamlessly with flight technology to build upon and further refine the autonomous flight hardware for even smoother video.
  • Smallest Two-Axis Gimbal — Our sole engineering achievement and the reason for the decision behind going ahead with the re-engineering of our fourth generation of Micro Drone by Extreme Fliers.
  • Mainstream Optimized — Explicitly designed for the majority of consumer uses, we fine-tuned the hardware on Micro Drone with specs that are directly optimized for social sharing and online viewing.
  • Hardware Synergy — Our final achievement was interconnectivity and careful testing of hardware combinations that are far more powerful together than standalone to give you the end result.


  • 360° Orbit — Circle selected point of interest and auto-rotate alignment focus on a central focal point.
  • Follow Me — Tracks and automatically follow users at custom programmable distances and altitudes.
  • Cable Cam — Reverses drone orientation to fly aircraft backward from launch location as flies away.
  • Land on Hand — Visually searches for a human hand to initiate landing in hand with extended palm.
  • Sideways Dolly — Mimics its flight path sideways to recreate traditional wheeled camera dolly track.
  • Return Home — One tap flight instruction to autonomously navigate to the initial take-off location.
  • Gesture Controls — Teaches aircraft to recognize hand/arm movements to initiate flight maneuvers.
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