MATRIX PowerWatch 2 – A Self Charging Smartwatch

Smartwatches are around us for a while now but have you seen one that can self charge? Yes, this smartwatch from Matrix has a special feature that uses the heat from your body to charge itself. The following are some of the features put up by the company.


We are back with new features and advanced energy harvesting technology that improves on the original award-winning PowerWatch. Our second-generation PowerWatch 2 uses body heat and light to power the most advanced smartwatch you never need to charge so you can keep doing what you do best without any interruptions.

Move to the Beat of Your Own Heart

PowerWatch 2 is designed with improved thermoelectric generators and all-new solar-cell technology, constantly generating more than enough energy to operate the built-in intelligent heart rate monitor, wherever, whenever.

See Our True Colors Shining Through

With more energy than ever before, PowerWatch 2 introduces the first full-color LCD display powered by thermoelectric and solar energy, adding color to the power of you.


Always-on onboard GPS makes PowerWatch 2 the ultimate tool for anyone mapping out their run, hike, ride, or swim with the PowerWatch 2 companion app. It’s packed with useful health and fitness metrics like pace, distance, steps, sleep, cadence, and more.

MATRIX Gemini Thermoelectric Generator

Our thermoelectric technology converts heat to electric power, the same technology used by NASA to power the Voyager Spacecraft and the Mars Rover. It is based on the Seebeck effect discovered in 1821. In the absence of an applied voltage gradient V, electric current, J, can still be generated if there is a temperature gradient, T. A thermoelectric material must have a low thermal conductivity and high electrical conductivity to function efficiently. These properties are not commonly found in nature.

In order to make a thermoelectric material efficient, one must use a semiconductor whose Fermi level is tuned correctly by doping. Too much doping, and the Seebeck coefficient decreases. Too little doping and the electrical conductivity decreases. In addition, the semiconductor should have some mechanism to scatter phonons frequently. MATRIX has developed a nanostructured semiconductor, the Gemini, that accomplishes these things.


  • 100% charge-free
  • Onboard Thermoelectric and solar cell power
  • Built-in monitoring Heart Rate Monitoring
  • Onboard GPS
  • Full-color LCD display
  • Power Meter to track energy you produce
  • Advanced push notifications
  • Water-Resistant
  • Ios/Android App support
  • Most Accurate Calorie counter

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