Makeway Modular Magnetic Marble Run – STEM Set for Kids

Makeway is a modular toy kit that helps you create modular, creative magnetic bits that attach seamlessly to the whiteboard, locker, car, fridge, wall, and more. With this gadget, you can create complex marble runs with the help of 100 modular pieces. It includes 67 tracks, 11 trick pieces and 20 marbles.

Most games become boring because of repetitive tasks, but not with Makeway. You can create as many tracks and puzzles as your imagination can allow and have endless fun.

How It Works

Its magnetic parts attach to ferrous materials such as your locker, whiteboard, and fridge. You only need to move the connector, trick pieces and track around to have an exciting new marble challenge.


With eight tracks, your imagination is likely to run wild. The straight track allows you to move the marble in a straight line. You can equally move the marble on curved paths. With the track of the stair, you can send the marble downstairs. To ensure your marble does not fall off at the edge, you will need to create an edge track. Other tracks include around tracks, corner tracks, flex-z and x.

Magnetic Connectors

Magnetic connectors are meant to secure your tricks and tracks to all ferrous surfaces so that it is simpler to move them around. The fact that these magnetic connectors can be positioned in different ways means that your possibilities are endless.


The first basic trick you need to master is how to get your marble from one point to another with high precision. Also, you can put a fork to switch between the marble falling into a nook or off the top. Moreover, you can use the universal joint to add various objects to your course.

There you have it, one of the coolest toys you can have at your home. The best part is, this toy is for everyone, even an 80-year-old grandfather would enjoy it.

This product was originally crowdfunded on Indiegogo (here is the page). I believe it later got acquired by National Geographics


  • 100 pieces for infinite possibilities
  • Works on any magnetic surface
  • Patented, innovative engineering kit
  • Suitable for all Ages

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Editor's QuoteThis magnetic toy set looks mesmerizing
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