LOTUS – A Smart Wearable Panic Button

Lotus smart button is a super cool gadget that can do a lot of cool stuff with the click of a button. It has features like voice assistant, remote audio recording, continuous GPS recording and much more. The Lotus tool was made to enhance the safety of a person. It can thus be used as a panic button where it tracks the location, records the audio automatically and sends an SOS signal to the desired ones. Watch the video below to understand the features.

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Editor's QuoteCosting well under $50, this wearable looks cool to own


LOTUS - Best Wearable Device with Safety Features

Navigating your phone can be a bummer when in stressful situations. One-touch of the Lotus, and you can fully communicate via phone or text with your voice assistant, share your surroundings securely, and record your location with streaming audio to our cloud servers. Designed to have your back on your journey.

How Lotus Works?

A single tap activates the Lotus. Tap again to start sharing, its that easy.

Record and share your GPS location, along with streaming audio, with your trusted contacts. With built-in access to Voice Assistant, you can communicate hands-free, make phone calls, send text messages and control the SEAM personal safety app in full.

Key Features

panic button features

Voice Assistant Access

The Lotus gives you quick and easy access to your voice assistant, making it like OnStar for your body. No other personal safety wearable on the market has this powerful feature.

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