Level Touch – Smart Lock with Keyless Entry

Technology has paved the way for the production of countless smart devices, and locks have not been left behind. Even though a smart lock would add some automation to the locking mechanism of your door, it doesn’t give a discreet look. Thanks to research and the use of industry-leading technology, we now have unobtrusive smart locks like the Level Touch Smart Deadbolt.

What makes the Level Touch lock a great deal?

Various features make Level Touch one of the most admirable locks in the market. The following are the most adorable selling points of the lock:

1. Simple design

This smart deadbolt is meant to be the smallest and most discreet smart lock on the market. Level achieved this by designing the lock in such a way that the tech is hidden on the inside of the door. As such, the lock retains the footprint of a traditional lock, making it impossible for others to know that the lock on your door is actually a smart lock.

Level Touch Smart Lock

2. Mind -blowing smart features

Level, the company that engineered the Level Touch lock, did not stop at making it look discreet. They also loaded it with a bunch of useful features that make it easier to use the lock. The main smart features of this smartphone-enabled deadbolt lock are:

Smart Lock

  • Auto-locking: The Level Touch Deadbolt is capable of locking a door automatically after a specified delay
  • Auto-unlock: The lock can unlock your door automatically when you come back home
  • App control: There is an application to help you control the door lock remotely
  • Activity monitoring: It’s possible to monitor the lock’s recent activity to see who has come or left
  • Touch control: You can lock or unlock your doors with just a single touch of a finger
  • Audio notification: There is an audio confirmation that notifies you when the lock is locked or unlocked
  • Voice control: With this feature, you can use Siri to close, open, or confirm the status of your lock
  • Card access: For phone-free access, there are programmable key cards that you can use to lock and unlock your doors

Level Touch

3. Safety

Deadbolt locks are built to be the most secure locks since they have to be engaged when the door is shut. In addition, they have a unique locking device that cannot be forced back into the door, hence avoids forced entry. With activity monitoring, the Level Touch lock takes security a step further, since you get to know who accessed or left your home within a certain period.

level touch lock review

Final word

The Level Touch Deadbolt is a modern lock that allows you to say goodbye to the unsightly, bulky look that is typical of the majority of smart locks. It is so similar to a normal deadbolt that I couldn’t see the physical difference at all. With so many smart features, this lock will ensure that your home is safe all the time. If you are building a new home or changing any existing lock, I would highly recommend this one. It is super easy to install too. If I were not living in an apartment, I would have had a smart door lock like this one, particularly because of its simple design.

You can also buy this lock on Amazon, here is the product page


  • Super simple design
  • Unlock using touch, keycard or smartphone
  • Bluetooth enabled
  • Homekit compatible
  • Easy to Install

Editor's Review
4.6 / 5 Ratings

Editor's QuoteThis smart lock is so similar to the regular dead bolt that I would not be able to differentiate
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