Lettuce Grow Farmstand – A Self-Watering, Hydroponic Growing System

If you aren’t familiar, the hydroponic growing system is a method of growing plants in a water-based rich nutrient solution. When it comes to the hydroponic system, there is no use of soil; rather, the root system is supported with the use of inert media the likes of Rockwool, perlite, peat moss, clay pellets, or vermiculite. The primary purpose of hydroponics is to allow plant roots to grow and come in direct contact with the essential nutrient solution as they have access to oxygen as well, which is vital for the growth of plants.

Farmstand hydroponic growing system

Growing your own food has never been easy; fortunately, the lettuce grows 12-36 plant farmstand has made things relatively easy. This home harden features an incredible hydroponic growing system equipped with several amazing features.



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Let us have a look at some of the most useful features of Lettuce Grow system.

Easy to operate

Using this hydroponic growing system is relatively easy since it features an automatic design. With this garden kit, you will be able to grow approximately 12 to 36 plants. Its automatic water distributing feature helps distribute water evenly to all plants, and since it does not have soil, it will never be messy.

Fast growth

The best part of using this hydroponic growing system is that harvesting will take you approximately 2 to 3 weeks. By using the pre-sprout seedlings, you will be able to have fresh homegrown produce on your table and enjoy the incredible taste.


When it comes to sustainability, this farmstand system is the best. Measuring 22 inches by 22 inches means that you can set it on any sunny spot within your home, or you might as well grow it indoors using lights.

Nutrient dense

Farmstand tower is equipped with a nutrient-dense solution along with a pump and a timer that aids in supplying nutrients to plant every time. Furthermore, expanding this garden is relatively easy.



Is farmstand limited to growing lettuce? Absolutely not!


· Relatively easy to use
· Features an automatic design
· Equipped with nutrient-dense water
· Requires no soil to grow your plant
· Fully sustainable
· Fast grow


· Despite being an incredible product, as a newbie, it can a bit challenging to operate
· Slightly expensive for starters

To conclude, Lettuce Grow’s self-watering growing system is an amazing gadget that lets you grow fresh herbs and veggies at home. Using this product is fairly simple and requires minimum maintenance. Also, it has a modular design so you can add more layers if you decide to grow more plants in the future.

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  • Self Watering
  • Self Fertilizing
  • Portable
  • Quick Harvest

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