Lauco – The Smallest 100W USB-C Wireless Charging Hub

With laptops becoming smaller and thinner, the manufacturers are ditching USB ports. Most of the 2 in 1 laptop these days will feature only a couple of USB ports if not a single type C port. This is a big problem. Also, if your laptop charges via USB C cable, you are doomed. Most of the USB hubs on the market don’t support PD charging and the ones that do so are very bulky. Luckily, we have a new and innovative product today. Meet Lauco USB C hub that can also charge your phone wirelessly.

The Lauco is a multipurpose and powerful USB-C dock that is obtainable in two versions: 8-in-1 and 12-in-1. Lauco 100W USB Hub is capable of linking external gadgets with your computer, plus an incorporated wireless charging pad offers equal to 10 Watts wireless charging output.

We have two models, a smaller 8-in-1 and a bigger 12-in-1. Both trait up to 100W charging, (85W for laptops and the remainder set aside for other purposes), a 10 Watt wireless charger at the top, dual USB-C 3.0 5Gbps ports, a 4K60 HDMI port, an SD/MicroSD UHS-1 card reader and a USB-A 3.0 5Gbps port. The bigger type adds another 4K60 HDMI port (however, they operate at 4K30 each on employment), a 1Gbps Ethernet jack, and two extra USB-A 3.0 ports. The slighter version is about 85 x 130mm, whereas the bigger one is approximately 105 x 170mm. Through the newest Qi wireless standard supporting 5W, 7.5W plus 10W Qi-certified charging, Lauco USB C Hub puts rapid wireless charging within your reach.

Sleek full metal aluminum alloy form with toughened glass material bestows Lauco the substantial meaning of the ultimate combination of innovation and exquisiteness. With this USB hub, everything else delivers as expected, and the overall build superiority is outstanding.

Why should you buy this?

Lauco Hub offers the most robust solution for protracted HD displays with twin 4K HDMI outputs. Different from other hubs that are curtailed to 61W/65W, this smallest USB C hub charges your phones, laptops, and other gadgets with an extreme-powerful 85W (4.25A/20V) USB-C output power supply. Take it wherever with you, it is so convenient!

Since it features a wireless charger, you don’t have to carry a separate smartphone charger or cable. Also, it is one of the smallest USB hubs on the market which means you can carry it easily in your backpack.

Who should buy this?

The Lauco hub is an excellent solution for those who have laptops with a limited number of ports. Also, it is recommended travelers, people with numerous devices at home and those with multiple monitors paired up with their laptops, office workers and students.


  • Up to 100W USB C Power Delivery
  • 4K HDMI Port
  • 5Gbps USB Ports
  • MicroSD Port
  • 10W Wireless Charger
  • 1Gbps Ethernet Port

Editor's Review
4.4 / 5 Ratings

Editor's QuoteThis compact hub solves the biggest problem with USB C hubs, the bulkiness!
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