Lanmodo Night Vision Front & Rear Camera System

Most vehicular accidents occur at night because of poor visibility. Therefore, there is a need to increase the driver’s perception and see the distance in poor weather or darkness that is beyond the reach of your vehicle’s headlights. Fortunately, LANMODO automotive car night vision system is suitable for all types of trucks and cars. This camera is designed to help you drive safely, and it is cheaper than the built-in vision camera.


When driving, your visibility will be greatly affected in rainy days. This may result in driver safety issues. Fortunately, this car night vision camera will help you clearly distinguish road conditions even if it is a rainy day or foggy weather.

High-Resolution Image

With an 8.2-inch 1080p HD resolution, you can clearly see all the details and enjoy the best visual experience possible when driving. Also, the 7-glass lens allows you to get bright and more clear images. In fact, advanced technology helps you to see all the details at night when driving.

Easy Installation

You can fix this system onto non-slip mat and attach it to the dashboard. Then connect it to the OBD adapter or cigarette lighter. Hook it to the suction cup before attaching it to the windshield. Use the cable the package comes with to connect it to the OBD or cigarette lighter, and you are set to.

It is advisable to note that this is a night vision system for assisting you while driving. It does not store any video files to your memory card or cloud.


  • Front and Rear Dual Cam
  • 1080P Video Feed
  • Wide-angle view
  • Large Display that can Replace your Rear Mirror

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4.4 / 5 Ratings

Editor's QuoteThis expensive gadget for your car serves the purpose
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