Kamibaby – Smart Monitoring Camera for Babies

Any first-time parents out there? Check out this amazing smart camera that can monitor your baby almost like a real person. Equipped with AI, this gadget can detect your baby’s breathing patterns and informs you when things are not normal.

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Kami can measure temperature and humidity around it. It can also take pictures and create a smart album automatically. You can know much more about this product on their website. Feel free to watch the video to know more about the product.



  • Baby Breathing Magnifier
  • Temperature and Humidity Detection
  • Baby Cry Detection
  • Smart Album Creation

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4.4 / 5 Ratings

Editor's QuoteThese nice looking smart camera has an AI in it



KamiBaby is more than a baby monitor. Using the latest AI and Edge computing technologies, parents will be able to see their baby's breathing amplified, making the parenting experience easier. View your baby’s breathing movement easily, directly on your smartphone. KamiBaby uses image processing and advanced Edge AI to detect and magnify your baby’s breathing, without the need for additional accessories or clothing. kamibaby Review your baby's sleep history easily on your Kami Home app and view the night summary in a short clip. How does it work? KamiBaby will automatically select the most important and relevant moments from the movement, abnormal sounds detection, and so on and combine them for you.
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