Jumpi 3 in 1 Car Jumpstarter, Vacuum & Powerbank

There is nothing more frustrating than your car starting and you are running late for work or getting stuck the cold. However, you can avoid all this by purchasing Jumpi, a 3 in 1 car gadget.

Jumpi is a portable multifunctional device that can help save you in case of an emergency. The car gadget is equipped with a power bank, jumper cable and a cordless car vacuum cleaner. The cordless vacuum helps to keep your car clean all the time while the power bank and jumper cable will enable you to jump-start your car just in case your car battery fails. It is a must-have gadget for any car owner who loves to keep his car clean and serviced.

Best Car Jumpstarter

In the case of an emergency, you will have sufficient power to safely jump your battery without needing the assistance of another car. This emergency car Jumpstarter is easy to use and can jump-start your car in minutes if not in seconds. Jumpi is extremely portable and you don’t feel it bulky or space consuming even if you own a tiny four-wheeler.


  • 10 jumps per charge
  • Portable and easy to use
  • Low voltage for safe use even by motorists who lack experience
  • Premium grade performance and construction

Cordless vacuum cleaner

  • Super quiet: it is 30% quieter than most car vacuums
  • Cordless thus easy to maneuver
  • Powerful suction that traps all dirt and debris
  • It can clean even hard to reach places
  • Equipped with an antibacterial coating that keeps your hands clean when using it.

Power bank

  • 6000mAh capacity
  • Quick charging

Costing well under $100, this tool for your car is definitely worth having. It is difficult to find a jumpstarter with a vacuum cleaner and this gadget has everything in the box.


  • 10 Jumps per charge
  • Cordless Vacuum Cleaner with Precision Cleaning
  • Quick Charging USB Power Bank

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Editor's QuoteJumpi is a must-have gadget for a car owner
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