Joué Play – 4-in-1 Portable Digital Music Instrument

I have seen a few digital music instruments/controllers such as Roli, Akai, etc but what sets Joue Play apart is its smartphone app and the interchangeable pads. I played around with this device for a while and was super impressed at how easy it was to create music without having any expertise in the field.

Joue Play Music Player

Joue Play is a portable music controller that comes with rubber pads and a surface. All you have to do is put a pad on the surface, connect it to your smartphone and a speaker (if you want) and open their phone app. You can now touch/press the buttons on the pads and voila, you are a musician now! Joue Play is one of the coolest music gadgets you can find online.

Joue Play Instrument Pads

The product comes with 4 different pads and each pad produces its own type of audio/composition. When you change the pad, you don’t have to change any settings in the app, the surface has a sensor that automatically detects which pad you are using and tunes the settings automatically.

Joue Play Music Recorder

Joue Play lets you play almost any instrument. It currently has 12 instruments stored in the app. It can also connect to your MIDI port just in case if you want to do some pro-level music composition or mixing. Play works with any other music software out there.

Joue Play Smartphone App

This digital instrument connects to your phone via a USB cable, so no batteries or Bluetooth are involved.

Joue Play Connectivity

For those who want to learn, the app has tutorials that let you interactively learn an instrument. Apart from that, you can also record your composition through the mobile app itself. It has options to loop, mix and add layers to the music.

Joue Play Music Controller

When I tried, the device was hooked into a portable speaker and the audio that came out of it was amazing. Even with no previous knowledge or instrument skills, I was able to create a small audio clip that wasn’t bad at all, at least I thought so 🙂


  • Comes with 4 pads
  • Play almost any Instrument
  • Record/loop/mix music with dedicated smartphone App
  • Can be used with other music software
  • USB connectivity

Editor's Rating
4.6 / 5 Ratings

Editor's QuoteIts interchageable music pads are so cool but the app is the coolest
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