HUB – HiFi Wireless Earbuds

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Here is a earbud that redefines battery. The biggest problem of earbuds are the battery life. We often give up listening due to low charge of earbuds. But look here, 100hrs of music!!! Yes, meet HUB – HiFi Wireless Earbuds. Best in market sound technology, water resistant, wireless charging, touch controls and what not? Whatever you name it, this earbuds have it.
But the real game changer is power bank. Yes, you can use it to charge your phones!

So never ever have the feel of low battery. Enjoy every moment with HUB. Buy it before the offer runs out.

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Lose Yourself In The HUB

Hub is a product of expert engineering, bringing high-performance sound that disrupts industry standards and exceeds expectations by a couple of octaves. It features a 7mm driver that delivers deep-cutting bass and crisp highs in a tightly sealed, noise-cancelling environment. What you get is unparalleled listening you’d have to hear to believe.

HUB in action

Even with a tight seal that efficiently blocks out background noise, in ambient sound mode, the Hub can allow sound to pass through, letting you hold full conversations and stay alert of your surroundings without having to take out your earbuds.

Stay Alert and Aware Of Your Surroundings

Enjoy your music on the go while staying safe – Hub’s ambient noise feature still gives you an immersive listening experience but keeps you aware of your surroundings, making it the perfect companion while cycling or jogging.

Water Resistant

Having an IPX5 rating means Hub meets a stringent standard of water resistant performance after multiple rounds of rigorous lab testing. While most earbuds and headphones can’t handle even the slightest spill, Hub exceeds other brands by being able to withstand higher than average wet conditions.

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Never Stop Listening

With Hub, your music never stops. The earbuds have an astounding 8 hours of battery life, but with its powerful charging case you can get up to 100 hours of battery life on a single charge.

Hub’s battery life is so impressively long, you might not even remember you still need to charge it.

With its 8 hours of initial playtime and up to 12.5 full charges from its charging case, it will keep you entertained for hours on end.

Power Bank

The charging case also serves as a handy power bank that can give your mobile phones or tablet a full charge when you need it.

HiFi earbuds

Wireless Charging

Not only are Hub earbuds truly wireless, the Hub charging case can even be charged wirelessly.


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