HUB – HiFi Wireless Earbuds

Here is an earbud that redefines battery. The biggest problem of earbuds is the battery life. We often give up listening due to the low charge of earbuds. But look here, 100hrs of music!!! Yes, meet HUB – HiFi Wireless Earbuds. Best in market sound technology, water-resistant, wireless charging, touch controls, and what not? Whatever you name it, these earbuds have it.
The charging case can also be used as a power bank to charge your smartphone.

So never ever have the feel of low battery. Enjoy every moment with the HUB. Buy it before the offer runs out.

Update 27th April 2020,

As of today, there are a lot of negative reviews and ratings about these earbuds. So proceeded with caution.

Editor's Rating
4.1 / 5 Ratings

Editor's QuoteThese earbuds look cool but are they worth the price?