Hooke Lav: A Sleek Wireless Mic With Pro-Grade Sound

The Hooke Lav wireless mic is meant for pro status aural featuring 24 bit/48kHz mono plus dual-channel D/A recording and 8 GB of onboard storage for incessant, drop-out immune recording conditions. The wireless mic is designed for podcasters, streamers, and content creators, providing both onboard recording and wireless usage.

With the suitable, low-profile clip-on structure, the Hooke Lav mic may be worn and utilized flawlessly in Live Streaming states; like Interviews, Music Performances, Sports and News Casting, E-Learning and Virtual School Teaching, Gaming, Fitness Instruction plus more, and is well-matched on all prevalent streaming and social media podiums like Zoom, Twitch, YouTube, Skype, Instagram, and Facebook.


The Hooke Lav wireless mic is harmonious with all tablets, professional camera equipment, smartphones, iPhone, Mac, iPad, PC, DSLR, Go Pro, Android, and so forth.


The lightweight wireless mic specifications guarantee a modernized Bluetooth 5 design, employing a fine-looking right low-profile hook-on lapel mic. Details regarding the mic capsule specifications are not known at present. Audio recordings are set out to support 24-bit/48kHz dual and mono channel styles, straight to the internal storing (distance and drop-out proof), through Bluetooth streaming (using slightest latency) transferred through analog jack right to a recording gadget or DSLR camera.

Two Hooke Lav wireless mics can be employed in unison in a dual-channel manner for interviews. In contrast, users can utilize a wireless unit for a presenter, plus another, for surrounding sound, linked locally to a camera.

Upgrade Audio on Your Preferred Apps

Delight in the freedom of factual wireless recording. Clip the lightweight wireless mic to your attire and record around 7 hours of high-grade sound wherever you go. The top tier wireless mic is ready for your escapade vlog, coffee shop podcast interview, home studio sessions, and YouTube tutorials.

Final Verdict

With so many cool features in so small device, Hooke Lav offers a convenient audio recording for almost any purpose. I would definitely recommend this mic to Vloggers and Youtubers who shoot outdoors most of the time. This is also good for those who travel a lot with a videocam. The next time you are shooting something, you might add some voiceover or record the surrounding audio in clearity.

Hooke is a reputable company, so you can back the product with confidence. They are more likely to deliver it on time!


  • 28bit 48kHz Audio
  • 7 Hours Battery Life
  • No Latency
  • Micro USB Charging
  • 8 GB Storage
  • Weighs 10 Grams

Editor's Rating
4.4 / 5 Ratings

Editor's QuoteThis mic is perfect for vloggers
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