Himo Z20 Dual Mode Folding eBike

Electric bikes are popular than ever. They are eco-friendly, convenient to use, and extremely versatile. E-Bikes come in different configurations including Fat Tire, Mountain, City Commuter, etc. Also, folding eBikes are becoming so popular these days due to its easy to carry feature. You can easily fold it and carry it in your car when you are going out on an adventure. Not every foldable eBikes are good but we have one of the best ones today. Meet Himo Z20, a dual-mode electric bicycle with some of the best features you can ever think of.

Himo Z20 is an electric bicycle that has been developed technologically to meet outstanding characteristics of efficiency and effectiveness. It has been made this year by the Xiaomi Company and has various features. Since Z20 is a dual bike, you can easily bicycle it if you don’t wish to use the juice from the battery.

Features of HIMO Z20 eBike

These are some of the coolest features of Z20, I particularly liked its compact size, range and quick charge capability.

  • Himo has a flexible and powerful 10Ah lithium battery with the ability to ride 80km on one charge
  • It has dynamic dual-mode cycling that allows for both electric and manual cycling
  • It is versatile, transportable and sleek, which allows it to be folded, stored and transported without difficulty and has a removable battery
  • It has a shimano 6-speed transmission system that allows for fast and reliable gear adjustment
  • It has a protective battery management system that calculates power and monitors current, voltage and temperature
  • It has an intelligent vector control system which is its brain that signals to communicate
  • It has a crystal clear waterproof HD display that efficiently conveys useful riding data
  • It has an advanced high-efficiency DC brushless motor that allows a variety of riding options
  • It has a patented aluminium frame which is lightweight, compact and durable easing foldability and storage

  • It has an integrated in-seat air pump that ensures tip-top tires always and preventing the occurrence of flat tires
  • It has highly sensitive and precise controls that analyze vehicle information and provides users with real-time feedback

So many cool features at such a low price? Yes, Z20 costs you well under $700 if you get their super early bird rewards here. I have seen so many affordable eBikes including the ones from Ecotric but Himo Z20 is probably my top pick at this price point just because it has a ton of unique features that many other bicycles in this price range lack.


  • Both Electric and Manual Mode
  • 50 Miles Range (80KM)
  • Max Speed 25km/h
  • Air Pump Under the Seat
  • 6 Gear Transmission
  • Battery Charges in 5 Hours
  • Digital Display
  • Weighs ~48 lbs

Editor's Rating
4.7 / 5 Ratings

Editor's QuoteWith so many useful features at such an affordable price, Himo Z20 is worth a look
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