Herman Miller Sayl Ergonomic Office Chair

At least this year, people are working from home than ever before. Sitting at a desk for a long haul may negatively affect your body, especially if your chair isn’t stable and designed for great ergonomics. This is where you need a comfortable yet ergonomic chair. Office chairs like Herman Miller Sayl not only increase your productivity but also give you maximum comfort. Let dig a little deeper into Sayl Chair.

The Herman Miller Sayl Chair is supportive and comfortable in just about any position. It’s excellent ergonomic support, and the unique design is an inspiration to those who spend all day in front of their computer.

Let’s get down to the Herman Miller Sayl Review and see why this elegant model has intrigued and won the hearts of many.

Elegant Design

Sayl is undoubtedly among the task chairs associated with elegance. The model has a fantastic mix of absolutely beautiful design and finish that is not found in other models. The level of design equates to its quality.

From any angle, the chair makes a pleasant surprise; you’ll be attracted by its organic, swept look that makes it a thing of beauty. In fact, it’s full-comparable and featured to high-end chairs that upgrade you to first class.

The most intelligent and complex engineering principles were applied to construct a stunning ergonomic office chair. No loose pieces, fallen bolts, or signs of horror to speak of! While using less material, Herman Miller innovatively manufactures the chairs to deliver a design that screams elegance, beauty as well as respect to the environment.

Honestly, Sayl is the most aesthetically pleasing office chairs I’ve ever seen

Ergonomics and Comfort

Your sitting position for long working hours can positively influence how your body feels. Whether you’re in your work station or using your personal computer at your home, low-quality chairs can result in fatigue. Also, cumulative stress can contribute to triggering fingers, headache, and neck and back pain may come in vain.

However, the ergonomically designed chairs can help to prevent this before such collective problems begin. The Sayl Chair is carefully designed for a ton of ergonomic and comfort needs.

For one, the back material is made to conform, allowing the pressure and stability of your shoulders and back to evenly, comfortably settle into your chair. Along with that, this flexible material ensures conformity to different body shapes and sizes.

Seat Padding and Back Support

Featuring a small backseat, Sayl looks slim and petite. Nonetheless, the chair is amazing, and despite its small size, it makes you feel incredibly friendly on your back. You’ll enjoy a lot of support and giving that comes from the backseat.

Even better, the suspension bridge technology channeled when construction this chair does gracious work for back support. This combination of superior back support and small profile allows your weight to be distributed throughout the seat. Be assured of magnificent firm support.

Besides, this allows flexibility. It’s utterly flexible to follow your every movement as you dance around your working space. Stretch whenever you want and even tilt all the time to satisfy your desires.

Adjustability, Customization, and Extras

The armrests offer more adjustability. Unlike other task chairs, this model comes with 7 different height positions for flexibility and options. You can choose any ideal setting when typing or for your elbows.

For many of us who love to lean back every now and then, Sayl Chair provides an incredible amount of tilt. This is enhanced by an easy-to-reach lever. Choose the best position that will suit your body – either a small lean or upright sitting.

Colors and Options

Together with a range of smart features, the Sayl chair available in numerous material choices and color combinations. Both the seat bottom and seat back can be easily configured in different color and material looks.

For instance, the frame of Sayl comes in either crepe or black color. As a result, you can simply match your office décor. Elsewhere, you can select the color that fits rightly into your home style. Still, tall people with long legs can adjust the seat for comfortability.

The white frame and base with red crepe is absolutely stunning

Why Choose It?

Think about how an ergonomic workstation should look like. Your chair, desk, and computer should form a formidable combination to create a healthy and comfortable workstation. A good chair should let you move around freely, adjust your body position, and keeps your production.

With this comfortable work from home chair, you won’t tire or strain your body. Thanks to its comfortable design that offers not only modern beauty but also flexibility around your space. If you’re considering an affordable yet minimalist chair, Sayl is the best bet.

Things we like

  • Aesthetic Choices
  • Strong back support
  • Minimalistic design, eco-friendly
  • Handsome finish

Things we don’t like

  • Some claim that Sayl Chair isn’t really for larger people
  • Super expensive

Editor’s Verdict

You will know the significance of an ergonomic chair only when you sit on one for several hours. If you are like me who spends most of the time at home staring at his computer, Sayl is for you. It is better to keep your back strong and health because back pain is real and I’ve seen people suffer from it.

If you are still using a cheap $40 walmart or costco chair, I highly recommend purchasing an ergonomic chair, it doesn’t have to be Sayl but any other based on your budget. But with Sayl, you not only get the comfort, but also the aesthetics and the premium look. If you have this chair in your room, I bet the next time someone visits your home, Sayl will be the center of attraction. If you are considering this for your office, good luck, you are about to get your pocket empty.


  • Ergonomic
  • Total Height 33.75 inch to 40.75 inch
  • 12-year Warranty
  • Ventilated Elastomer Back for Air Circulation
  • Tilt Limiter
  • Stationary Seat Depth/Arms

Editor's Rating
4.5 / 5 Ratings

Editor's QuoteThis is one of the most aesthetically pleasing chairs you can find. The red and white version is lit!
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