Gyroshoes – Cool Hovershoes for Commute

Who isn’t crazy about hover boards? Gyroor’s Gyroshoes are electric hovershoes that can travel at a speed of 10km/h. It is suitable for both children and adults. It can travel a distance of 10km on a single charge. Self-Balancing design provides superior control and stability and makes it a safe ride for all the riders. This cool hovershoes is a slip-on and turn on kind of thing and can skate on any surface. All thanks to super-strong rubber wheels. You even have cool LED indicators to indicate power levels.


  • Self-balancing feature upon power-up
  • Durable carry-strap on each shoe
  • Includes connection bar kit to convert shoes into Hoverboard
  • Top speed: 10km/h
  • Cruising distance: 10km
  • LED lights

Editor's Ratings
4 / 5 Ratings

Editor's QuoteAll in all A Cool Electric Hovershoes at a Decent Cost
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