Govee Glide Y Lights

I recently had my hands on these Y lights from Govee and totally fell in love with them. Unlike any of their previous modular lights, the Glide RGBIC Y lights feature a metallic surface that makes the blocks look so aesthetic even when the lights are off.

Goove RGBic YLights

Since these are modular lights, you can connect multiple of them together to make different, complex shapes and styles. The base version comes with 7 blocks but I think you can add up to 21 blocks.

Goove Y Lights RGB

Glide Y lights feature 40+ scene modes and everything can be controlled through their smartphone app. The app is also used to control and configure music modes, scenes, daily scheduling, and more.

Goove Lights


  • DIY Mode
  • Visualize Your Audio
  • 40+ Scene Modes
  • Smart App: Music modes, scenes, daily scheduling
  • Voice/App Control

Editor's Rating
4.6 / 5 Ratings

Editor's QuoteThese are my latest favorite modular lights. The metallic design makes them look even cooler.
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