GoSun Flow: Portable Water Filter + Sink + Shower

In the current hygiene-conscious planet, it can be hard to trace a hand sanitizer for prompt cleaning. Finding a sink to clean your hands at any time can also be a hustle. However, GoSun has presented a solution by coming up with GoSun Flow. GoSun Flow is portable and utilizes solar energy to get rid of almost 100% of germs from the water.


These are some of the coolest features of this gadget

Collapsible sink

The sink folds down to only two inches, you can fill it with about nine liters, and the included basket handles ensure it is easy to carry.

Portable water filter

The gadget has an exclusive 3 stage filter that confiscates 99.9% of germs.


The diaphragm pump moves around one liter of water in a minute when operating on whichever USB source.

Switch and Clamp/ Flex Faucet

GoSun Flow has a showerhead, switch, clamp, and faucet, which makes it possible to set the flexible element anywhere in seconds.


It comes with an 18.5wh power bank that can help run the solar-powered water purifier for hours.

Solar panels

Integrated to keep the pump charged up, which saves up on power.

The Flow is designed to provide for effortless outdoor water-related needs. What’s more, the structure can serve as a kitchen sink. With available upgrades, it can also be transformed into a portable shower with hot and clean water.

Therefore, if you love camping, backyard boating, raves, cookouts, job sites, and international travel, among others, then GoSun Flow is the ideal bet for you. After all, no one should ever compromise on their hygiene!

GoSun is a reliable brand that produces solar-powered devices like solar coolers, solar lights, etc. You can check out their Amazon store here.


  • Collapsible Sink Basin
  • Flex Faucet with Clamp & Switch
  • Standalone Filter
  • Solar Panel Support
  • 18Wh Power Bank

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Editor's QuoteGosun Flow is a useful tool for camping and outdoor adventures
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