Fuze Card – All in One Smart Card

The Fuze Card is an all in one smart card that allows you to store up to thirty credit/debit/membership cards on a single card! All of your cards can be infused into a single entity! The Fuze Card can replace your whole wallet with a simple 0.03-inch card. Fuze features a flex display, a rechargeable battery, and security features so customers can rest easy knowing their info is safe with Fuze.

fuze smart card

This card also includes remote wipe technology, so that you can remove all data from your card if it’s stolen or lost. It also comes with location tracking to figure out where your card is if you lost it. Your finances are easily accessible With the mobile app, so you can figure out your balance in seconds!

Fuze all in one smart card

I truly think this card is innovative. People often have to carry purses or thick wallets with them, and as the average person has almost 4 credit cards in total, in addition to membership and loyalty cards, those can all add up really fast. Having ease of access to all of your credit cards and membership with a single card is truly innovative. This all in one smart card lets people live the minimalist lifestyle without the hassle. The idea to wipe all of your data if the card is stole is brilliant, and I wish more companies could incorporate a smartcard into their systems. Overall this card is the future of finances, and I’m excited to see what other products branch out from this.


  • Adds up to 30 cards
  • Password Protected
  • Location Tracking
  • Remote Wipe

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4.2 / 5 Ratings

Editor's QuoteFuze card is the only card you will need hereafter
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