Foldylock – A Compact Bike Lock

If you own a bicycle or are planning to own one, you definitely value it so much as it serves an important purpose in your life. When you cycle around, you will need to park it somewhere as you handle your business. Unfortunately, there are people out there looking to steal your bicycle if it is not locked appropriately.

If you are a student, you know how many bikes get stolen in the campuses

Fortunately, Foldylock by seatylock is the invention you need to ensure that your bicycle is safe whenever you have to lock it outside. This is a lock that has been made purposely to deter petty and experienced bicycle thieves. This secure bicycle lock is made of hardened steel links that make it strong and this is a great deterrent to thieves.

Highlighted below are the incredible features that make this foldylock bike lock to stand out.

Extremely Safe

Safety is the most important factor of a bike lock. Most of the locks, including U locks can easily be broken with the help of an iron rod. So having a super-strong lock significantly lowers the chance of your bike being stolen. This bicycle lock is made with anti-drilling components, which adds to the safety of your bike whenever it is parked. Its hardened steel links also add to the safety of your bike as it is not easy to tamper with. Its also built in a manner that it will not damage your bicycle frame.


This heavy-duty bicycle lock is made of high-quality materials that ensure that you get great value for your money. It is made of weatherproof materials that protect them from rusting as well as the effects of UV rays. Also, the rivets are made of high-quality materials so that the joints will last longer.

Unique Design

This incredible chain lock is futuristic looking with its innovative design. You get a compact design that is easy to carry around and looks great to the eye when fastened on your bike. You will love its beauty as well as its reliability. Most of the U locks won’t have a hook or something that lets you attach it to the bike when not in use. This is very annoying, especially when you are biking for miles.

To conclude, Foldylock has a unique easy to use design, strong build quality and most importantly, safe locking capability. Costing well under $100, this bicycle lock seems like a good deal if you own an expensive pedal bike or an electric bike like these.


  • Compact Foldable Design
  • Steel Links
  • Protected Rivets
  • Easy to Carry
  • Rust Free
  • Weighs 1 Kg

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4.6 / 5 Ratings

Editor's QuoteThis lock is not only cool looking but also super safe
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