Floately Magnetic Floating Light Bulb

Meet Volta by Floately, an amazing piece of bulb that will not only light up your space but will also add incredible style to your home or office. It is a scientific piece of marvel that will leave your guests wowed. The bulb floats in the air from its base owing to an electromagnetic field that is generated between the bulb and its base.

Floately floating light bulb review

This floating light bulb will complement your already trendy home or office. You will easily operate this floatily levitating light by touch controls making it your convenient lighting source.


Different versions of the lamp are available too

Let’s look at the features of Floatily levitating bulb

Long Lasting

Volta made sure that they invested in a bulb that will last for long. The bulb has been constructed in such a manner that it won’t easily crack or break, with a shatterproof material. The wires in this bulb are not the average ones, they are 10 times stronger when compared to other lightbulbs. They offer you great value for your money. The bulb features touch controls for easy operation.

Floately touch control

Energy Saving

This magnetic floating bulb will consume just sufficient power for lighting your bulb, without any wastage. This will surely save you on those electricity bills. It has energy-efficient LEDs that are great at saving power.

Beautiful to Look At

You will love the ambiance created by these magnificent floatily bulbs. They give out a beautiful light in the dark that resembles a flickering fire. This bulb also spins in a manner that excites your imagination. You will simply be delighted by the atmosphere created by this amazing piece of art.

Floately magnetic floating light

To conclude, Floately light is one of the futuristic gadgets that can be used as nice home decor too. Costing well under $100, this floating light bulb is definitely a good buy.

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  • 50,000 Hours Lifetime
  • Magnetic Levitation
  • Touch Controls

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