Everyfun M3 Pro : Deep-Tissue Massage Gun Review

Are you working hard toward your athletic performance goal? Or you’re feeling the ache after a strenuous day of work. If so, it’s obvious for your muscles and joints to experience soreness. One device you should overlook is the massage gun. Everyfun massage gun is an answer to your recovery needs.

Everyfun M3 Pro is a high-quality percussive therapy device used to release the tension of your aching and tired muscles after workouts. It facilitates the blood flow to your muscles, loosens up, and finds relief to your body.

While it’s paramount to own a massage gun, this tool offers a higher stroke rate, more force, and more percussions per minute. If you’re on the lookout for one, this massager has everything to get the job done.

Let’s get down to this massage gun review. Shall we?

What’s in the Box?

Inside the box, you will find,

  • Hard-shell carrying case
  • A pouch
  • The massage gun itself
  • 5 different massage heads
  • User manual

You can choose the massage head that will suit your needs. The head includes;

Air Cushioned head – Suitable for loosening and pounding bones of various parts of your body.
Ball Head – Perfect for mass muscle groups like calves and arms.
Spiral Head – Ideal for positively impacting deep tissues, including joints, palms, and meridians
Fork Head – Good for spine, neck, Achilles tendon. If you’re an athlete with Achilles problems, this affordable massage gun could be your gift
Flat head – Suitable for shaping your muscle parts, and relaxation, as well

I use the air cushion head most of the time, my second preference is the fork head

Main Features & Benefits

Before you pick any percussion massage gun, it’s wise to check out the features. Everyfun is increasingly gaining traction from athletes, casual gym-goers, among others, for many reasons. It comes with smart features that are rarely found in other models out there. Let us have a look at some of its useful features.

Convenient, Travel-Friendly and Portable

Everyfun M3 Pro comes with an easy-to-carry hard case, allowing you to bring this hand device when you need no matter the place you are at or what time you are in. Either you’re at the office or paying a visit to your desired vacation destination, this kit is compact and lightweight to transport and store.

The case is very helpful to carry the muscle gun along with its accessories

Carry the device during workouts or yoga to relieve stiff and sore muscles instantly after the exercise. As a rider, you can quickly warm up your muscles early in the morning before a run. That way, you’ll achieve fitness.

Easy to Use, Stronger Power & Adjustable Speed

Featuring 5 adjustable speed settings, you’re sure to get a perfect speed that will satisfy your needs. While it can hit 3200 percussions per minute, gym-goers can ease their 12mm deep muscles as they wait for the activity ahead.

Speed 1 – designed to wake up muscles
Speed 2 – perfect for fascia release
Speed 3 – used to eliminate lactic acid
Speed 4 – best for a deep tissue massage,
Speed 5 – use it for muscle recovery.

I use the device at speed 1 and I rarely go beyond speed 2

It’s stronger power and high speed is governed by a 70W brushless motor. However, it ensures there’s low noise suitable for any environment. And with a built-in protection system, the device stops automatically after 10-minute use. No worries, this feature protects you from any injury.

Long Working Time

Equipped with a 3200mAH LG battery, this deep tissue massager gun will last you at least 10 hours when fully charged. Meaning, you can use it 10-20 minutes every day, where the battery can serve for a whole month without needing to recharge it.

This feature gives it an edge to outperform other massage guns when it comes to performance and working time. Take it along with you when hiking, camping, or anywhere a power source is a problem. You’ll still use it to relax your Achilles, shoulders, and muscles.

Super Quiet

If you want a super quiet device, there’s good news. This body massager is quieter than I expected. I have used a few other massagers over this year but this one is way quieter than others. The massager is extremely quiet in the first two speed levels but level 4 and 5 is loud.

Quick Pain Relief

This is by far my favorite feature. I use this massage gun mainly to get rid of soreness/pain that I get after a hardcore workout session.

Back pain, shoulder pain, muscle pain, and joint pain can pose a challenge to your training. In addition, the pain can affect your daily activities, forcing you to take unplanned days off. So, it would be best if you balanced this.

This workout gear quickly relieves pain in your muscles to improve mobility in no time. With just 5 minutes of motion, your blood flow will improve to enhance muscle functionality. That said, the model is suitable for rock climbers, therapists, and chiropractors.

Generally, I use this massager on my neck, shoulder joints and legs

Again, if you’re suffering from delayed onset muscle soreness, try this affordable massage gun from Everyfun.

Final Verdict

A good body massage is all you need after a stressful day. If you work out every day, I highly recommend getting a good quality massager. I personally get sore muscles after a hardcore gym session and Everyfun has helped me every single time.

If you are in the market for a handheld massager, please don’t choose a crappy low priced devices because most massagers stop working after several months. That’s because of the involvement of moving parts (vibration). Overall, Everyfun M3 is a perfect mid-range massager that has offered me the highest and durability. I definitely recommend this one.

If you want to see the device in action, check Dave’s review video below


  • Great Design & Build Quality
  • 10 Hour Battery Life
  • Comes With 5 Massage Heads
  • Quiet Operation
  • Max Speed of 3200 hits/minute
  • 5 Speed Levels

Editor's Rating
4.6 / 5 Ratings

Editor's QuoteI use this everyday after my evening gym session and I am loving it because it actually works
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