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AppScooter is an absolutely beautiful all electric scooter which you can buy right now. I personally checked out this scooter in the Consumer Electronics Show 2019 and I liked the design aspects. The view from the front is futuristic. Talking about the specifications, its equipped with a huge removable battery that can drive the scooter upto a range of 400 kilometers which is definitely a good range. Since the battery is removable, you can carry multiple batteries if you have space. Talking about the space, the AppScooter has good storage space available under its seat. The storage space is more than the traditional petrol powered scooters because the scooter does not involve many mechanical parts or engine and thus, saving some space. Costing at around $4000, this e-scooter is not cheap.

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Editor’s Quote400 Km on a single charge! That's HUGE

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Etergo AppScooter

Electric ScooterAppScooter by Etergo, also known as the ‘Dutch Tesla on two wheels’ and the world’s safest electric scooter. Engineered to be the safest electric scooter in the world, Etergo’s AppScooter combines sleek design, connective technology, high-quality materials, comfort and safety into a long-range electric scooter. First in the industry to deliver an intuitive app-centric interface, unifying communication, music and a safe electric scooter, AppScooter comes with a seven-inch touchscreen and handlebar controls. Riders can use the touchscreen and handlebar controls for navigation, to run apps and remotely control their smartphone — leaving both hands available to brake.

AppScooter features include:

  • Safe Navigation and Apps: Keep your hands on the handlebar and your phone in your pocket. AppScooter comes with a 7-inch touchscreen and handlebar controls. It allows the driver to navigate, stream music and remotely control their smartphone, with safe throttled notifications and speed-restricted interface access.

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  • 150 Miles of Range: Say goodbye to range-anxiety. Drive up to 240 kilometers/150 miles using a modular battery that allows the driver to choose their desired range. One module equals 80 kilometers/50 miles, and modules are easy to carry and charge overnight.
  • Fast and Efficient Drivetrain: Faster than gas-powered scooters, AppScooter accelerates from 0 to 45 km/hr or 28 mph in 3.9 seconds. This power not only helps the driver be first off the line, but also helps to conquer steeper inclines.
  • 3 Times Larger Storage Space: AppScooter comes packed with 60 liters/2.2 cubic feet of storage space — enough to hold two full-face helmets, two grocery bags, and more. By comparison, the best modern electric scooters on the market to date come with only ten liters/0.35 cubic feet and top-of-the-line, gasoline-powered scooters come with 16.6 liters/0.58 cubic feet.
  • Huge 60l storage space: Fits a full beer crate, two helmets, groceries bags …With AppScooter 60L storage space, you can fit everything from a Dutch beer crate to 2 groceries bags and even 2 helmets! AppScooter 60L storage fits all your needs.


AppScooter by Etergo is currently available for pre-order in The Netherlands, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Switzerland and the United Kingdom (London area only) starting from €3,399 (approximately USD $3,900). AppScooter is delivered “ready-to-drive” and the price includes a two-year warranty, delivery cost, plus license plate and registration fees.

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