Ember Mug 2 – Temperature Controlled Smart Mug

When it comes to enjoying your favorite hot beverage, there’s nothing quite like having an Ember Smart Mug 2. This innovative mug keeps your drink at the perfect temperature from the first sip to the last drop, so you can savor every moment.

It’s the perfect solution for home and/or office workaholics as well as avid coffee lovers.

What are the main features?

You’ll love a lot of things about this mug, but here are the main ones:

  • Phone control
  • Customizable LED
  • 1.5hrs battery life
  • Perfect temperature range

Phone control

Yep, that’s right. You can now use your phone to control the temperature of your drink. Simply download the Ember app, and you’re good to go!

And how cool is the fact that you can add up to six Ember mugs to your app?

Customizable LED

The Ember Mug 2 also features a customizable LED light. You can change the color to match your style. And the good thing is that making these adjustments is undeniably easy.

1.5 hrs battery life

This mug will keep your beverage hot for up to 1.5 hours on a single charge.

And if you’re someone who likes their drink to stay warm throughout the day, the Ember Mug 2 has got you covered. With a ping alert, you’ll know when your mug is running out of juice so you can place it on the coaster.

Perfect temperature range

The Ember Mug 2 can heat your beverage to a range of 120°F – 145°F. And did we mention that you can also use the Ember app to adjust the temperature up or down? So whether you like your coffee piping hot or lukewarm, this mug does it all.

Design and Build

Right off the bat, it’s clear that the Ember Mug 2 is a high-quality product. A sleek design and a feel of solidity when you hold the mug will prove this.

I also loved that the mug is available in two color choices – black or white (on Amazon), so you can pick the one that fits your style.


  • App Controlled
  • Customizable LED
  • 120°F - 145°F Temperature Range
  • 1.5 hrs battery life
  • Auto Sleep
  • Hand wash only

Editor's Rating
4.7 / 5 Ratings

Editor's QuoteA very good gift option to give to a workaholic
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