EGO Nexus Power+ PST3041 3000W Portable Power Station

EGO Power+ Nexus is a battery-powered generator alternative to fuel generators. It delivers clean energy while maintaining a silent acoustic signature. Unlike diesel or petrol-powered generators, which release clouds of smoky emissions, this power station is an environmental acquaintance that is safe to use in any situation. Bring it to the tailgate party to revive the silent music systems, and you will be amazed by the results.

Without a doubt, it is durable, portable, and it’s a stable source of green energy is for all purposes. When the electricity goes off in the neighborhood, use it to power TVs or full-sized refrigerator and stay updated as well as nourished. Without further ado, let’s go straight to ego power station review.

Design and build quality

Designed with ultimate ingenuity purposed to provide a long-term power solution, EGO’s individual components are robust, effective and fancy. The black outer casing is stunning and masks dirt; hence there is no need to keep wiping your power station each time you want to use it.

The makings of EGO power+ with a dark robust outer casing is a textbook technique that improves its outlook and cuts the time spend in maintaining its aesthetic cover.

Standing at less than 60 pounds, this power station is not so easy to carry around compared to diesel generators. It makes sense because the batteries weigh a lot more. If you are particularly looking for a lightweight battery station, check out Ecoflow Delta.

Also, the portability is enhanced by tough steel handle ergonomically designed and comfortable to use. Also, the removable batteries are useful when slashing the total weight; you can carry them separately.

As an all-weather portable battery station, EGO Power+ has a waterproof construction that is also resistant to destruction by the sun’s rays. You can also blindly connect under the cover of darkness because the bright LED display shows time and emits some light, directs you way around the unit.

Battery Storage Capacity and Output

Ego power plus power station storage comes with two batteries, each of them rating 280Wh. So, when the power station is out of the box, its storage potential stands at 1120Wh (because we have 4 batteries).

It gives out a maximum of 2000 watts uninterrupted and 3000 watts peak when it comes to output. With the clean surge watts and half of its steady return rating, it surpasses a 2000-watt gas ego generator’s output by a lucky shot. The power station operates on a blend of EGO 56V batteries with four USB ports, which you can choose to use one or all of them.

Amazingly, the power station allows you to mix batteries of your choice without posing any problem. When using batteries of different capacities, the power station draws power from the highest battery until all the batteries start running simultaneously.


EGO Nexus features 4 USB ports and 3 AC outlets rated 120V each. Note that, unlike many other power stations, EGO Nexus does not feature any USB C ports or DC outlet. Also, you can only charge the device via an AC outlet and the generator does not directly support solar panel inputs.

Charging System

Ego Nexus boasts an inbuilt battery charging system, which is the only method of recharging the batteries. The battery charging rate is approximately 2.3 Ah per hour, which means that it takes 2.2 hours to recharge a capacity of a 5 Ah battery pack or around 9 hours to charge all four batteries. Once the charger gets plugged in, the LED screen indicates the approximate charging time once the power station stabilizes.

Suppose you are charging more than one battery; the charger shifts from one battery to the adjacent. Rather than shifting to the next battery after one is full, it shifts at consistent interludes until all the batteries fill up nearly the same time.

However, you cannot use the power station when it is charging. If you try to plug in the charger and power your electronics, Ego Nexus cuts short the power and continues with the charging process. You have to wait until it becomes fully charged or completely stop charging it and use the already available power.

Cooling effect

The Ego 3000w has a fan that runs low and cools the device. This action prevents overheating and keeps the device in check. It prevents overheating and unnecessary damage to the device. The cooling effect is silent and effective just like that of Ego generator.

Devices it can Power

EGO Nexus+ can power almost any electronic device rated under 2000W. In general, you can use this generator to power your TV, refrigerator, computer, drilling machine, microwave oven and whatnot. Also, the power and surge ratings are high enough to power many power tools like cutting saw, power drill, etc.

Appliance Will it work?
Laptop (80W) Yes
LCD TV (150W) Yes
Smartphone (8W) Yes
Refrigerator (150W) Yes
Ceiling Fan (52-inch) Yes
Microwave Oven (1100W) Yes
Instant Pot Cooker (1000W) Yes
Space Heater (1500W) Yes
Corded Drilling Machine (600W) Yes
Washing Machine (900W) Yes
CPAP Machine (60W) Yes
Wall Mounted AC (8000Btu) No
Electric Kettle (1300W) Yes
Circular Saw (2300W) Maybe
Welding Machine (1800W) Yes
Electric Bike (500W) Yes

*The values are approximate and the real data will depend on various factors including surge duration, battery efficiency, etc.

EGO has a range of power tools like a leaf blower, saw, lawn mover, etc. The best thing, the batteries on their devices work with one another. For example, if you have an EGO lawn mover, you can use its battery for your EGO Nexus power station!


  • Capable of powering various 15A pieces of equipment
  • 2000-watts continuous power that handles up to 3000W power station surge watts
  • Enormous, bright LCD screen
  • Easily changeable batteries


  • Does not accept solar panel charge
  • Limited ports
  • It does not allow start upsurge of all 15-amp motors

Final Verdict

In my view, battery generators are better when compared to gas generators because of the fact that they are versatile, easy to use and environment friendly. With so many power stations on the market, it could be difficult to choose one. If you are looking for a budget-friendly, high power battery generator, the EGO Nexus is the best for you. I would only buy this if I am looking to use the generator to run power tools. If I just need a battery station for home use or travel, I would avoid Nexus and get one from this list.

Also, I have attached the review video of Nexus+ model PST3042 which is almost the same as the one we talked about in this article. The only difference is the battery capacity. Watch the video, it might help you better understand the product.


  • 3000W Peak Power (Surge capacity)
  • 2000W Power Capacity
  • 3 AC Ports (120V each)
  • 4 USB Ports
  • Four 5.0 Ah Batteries (56V each)
  • Battery Capacity of about 1100Wh
  • Weighs 57lbs
Editor's Rating
4.7 / 5 Ratings
Editor's QuoteThis is not the prettiest power station but it is definitely affordable than many other 2kW+ stations
Editor's Rating
4.7 / 5 Ratings
Editor's QuoteThis is not the prettiest power station but it is definitely affordable than many other 2kW+ stations
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