Corky – The Best Rear View Mirror for Bikes

In biking, it is as important to know what is going on behind you as it is in front of you. The French-designed Corky can help achieve that goal. This portable bike rearview mirror plugs into the end of a mountain or flat bar bike’s handles. A 360-degree swivel mirror pops out that offers up to 100 meters of rear visual distance. The Corky’s French design offers uncompromising performance, and its sleek looks maintain the minimalism that bikers want. Biking commuters, trainees, and scooter drivers can enhance their safety for an incredibly low price.

corky bike rear light
Corky M

How to Use

The lightweight Corky bike mirror arrives fully assembled. To install, cork the bike’s drop bars, remove the cap, and plug it in. Flip out the convex mirror so you can play with its 360-degree swivel before taking a trial run. Once on the road, you can adjust the mirror to maximize the bike’s rearview mirror line of sight. This will minimize your looking at your own legs. It’s a matter of having the right angle, and we all want to have the right angle when it comes to our own safety. This mirror performs, even in light rain.

The Corky-M is a silicone mounted, bicycle rare rearview mirror. Its silicone design comes in red, green, turquoise, black and white-rimmed mountings. It can be easily popped back out of the handle bars and stored in a zipped pocket when the bike or scooter is parked. The only thing difficult about the Corky-M is deciding what color to get.

corky bike rear light
Corky Urban

Corky comes in a few different versions, Corky M and Urban are the coolest ones. If you use your bike for the daily commute, this mirror is worth a look.

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  • 360 Degree Rotation
  • 100m Mirror View for Cars
  • 40m Mirror View for Bikes
  • Removable

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Editor's QuoteHaving a rear mirror is super helpful, atleast in the city
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